Can You Really Fix Things With Ramen Noodles and Super Glue?

Can You Really Fix Things With Ramen Noodles and Super Glue?

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Today we’re testing out something we have gotten thousands of requests for- can you fix things with ramen noodles? Today we’ll find out how strong it really is.

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54 Responses

  1. Mikell Bart says:

    Lv 1: fixing a plate with ramen and super glue

    Lv 50: fixing a sink with ramen and super glue

    Lv 100: making a pot with super glue and ramen

  2. pryingpenguin34 man says:

    Try fixing the board with flex tape and ramen

  3. Debbie Melerine says:

    Can yall do everything to a bottle of shaving cream it says not to do

  4. I Am Tilk says:

    Can u please make a video seeing if the ramen fixes can go in the dishwasher??

  5. Kyle Andrew Baguio says:

    Noodles and super glue should only be added on ceramics but not wood

  6. Vusstar tf says:

    This is alot more interresting then continuously putting things in a vacuüm chamber.

  7. shadyonice says:

    She forgot to say *”That’s a lot of damage!”* after she cut the board in half

  8. Victoria Donald says:

    How do these react to water?? Wait, YouTube will demonotise for display

  9. Evelyn Grace says:

    Did you… just… make ramen… ON. A. FRICKING. PLATE?!?!?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?!

  10. Andresrod18 says:

    Put liquid nitrogen in a trash can and pour boiling water into the liquid nitrogen ? ?

  11. Devin Whittaker says:

    Ya’ll don’t give yourselves enough credit. Great repairs and the colors look great on camera. 10/10

  12. Agent Texes says:

    It’s not really that crazy of an idea.

    It’s a composite material similar to Pykrete which is just ice and sawdust.

  13. Patrick Siematkowski says:

    Nate: we don’t have time

    Says the person who squeezed gusher juice for hours

  14. Hazel Aguilera says:

    ? what if you put one in the microwave and the ramen cooked lol?

  15. Alex Henderson says:

    There is no way you just made ramen on a plate instead of in the bowl

  16. Sammy_sam662 says:

    Nate: explains exactly what they’re going to do during the video

    Cali: So HeReS ThE BaSiC IdEa

  17. Unknown ? says:

    Can y’all make a trampoline mini or big and replace the net with Saran-wrap?

  18. Kemble Rigsby says:

    Everyone knows people in the US eat Chicken Flavored seasoning ONLY

  19. Ramahl Ah Chee says:

    It wasn’t strong cause you forgot the seasoning packet… duh.

  20. Trishiee V says:

    *_“Okay they used the crumbs of the ramen. So I made a powder-“_*

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