Can You Really ‘Train’ Your Brain?

Can You Really ‘Train’ Your Brain?

Brain training games claim to improve your memory, attention, and reasoning skills. Some even say they help prevent the onset of dementia. Problem is, they don’t really work.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. Twilord says:

    Sooo… this is why Nintendo stopped making those games?

  2. Ihavecandy says:

    I like how he said Mario Kart, but they were obviously playing Xbox.

  3. Laura P says:

    But training your brain with meditation and new activities – that makes
    lasting changes, right?

  4. G_glop says:

    What about sandbox games? Like Minecraft…

  5. Waleed Qattan says:

    What happens if a human ‘somehow’ was put inside a cooking microwave ?

  6. Zune Nebula says:

    Studying engineering is already enough brain training for me.

  7. C Somebody says:

    I appreciated this episode a lot. Thanks!

  8. Reika says:

    This is an interesting video, but it should be noted that one of the more
    popular training games is “Brain Age” released by Nintendo and Nintendo
    itself refuses to actually back any kind of supposed scientific study that
    claims that there’s any kind of improvement in brain/cognitive function by
    playing the game. As much as the industry makes, Nintendo itself is not
    marketing it that way and is saying simply that it is an entertainment
    company that just makes games. The development history itself kind of
    supports it as well because it was more to make something that could appeal
    to everyone instead of your average gamer.

    I can’t say the same for *other* companies and what they’re doing to market
    their software, but at least for this game and this company, they’re not
    the ones pushing the agenda but rather the public and scientists

  9. Sarane Saha says:

    Can you explain the the science of candles?

  10. evilro3345 says:

    Just learn a language ._.

  11. Empowering Medicine ✪ Herbalist says:

    Great video. I love the way you get complicated information across. Trying
    to do the same with my herbal medicine channel so have a lot to learn from
    you guys. Thanks!!!

  12. Brandon Cavazos says:

    haha PNAS

  13. Christian Harrs says:

    60 lumosity execs disliked

  14. Álvaro Cafe says:

    have you ever done a video about meditation? I think it would be very
    interesting, there are now several studies about the effects of meditation
    in the brain.

  15. The Lord Polaris says:

    I loved this video, SciShow is epic and I love channels like this,
    including a new channel I found that is very new, but sorta cool:
    BrainCentralStation, just saying if you like this, bcs is cool too, but
    nothing can beat the epicness of SciShow! :)

  16. Seph Imaru says:

    Hmm …
    I still doubt that people’s “intelligence” of today will still be the same
    a decade after.
    Could increase, could decrease.

  17. 2ndviolin says:

    so watching the Sci Show won’t really make me smarter? ?

  18. Colbie Dison says:

    So.. Luminosity is a load of it?

    But it’s so fun!

  19. Janice Johnson says:

    Reading makes you smart! ?

  20. David Gutowski says:

    Placebo effect does not mean no effect,
    If people using these games get a placebo effect from them – then there
    **is** value in them
    Now if you want to discuss the price to value ratio, that I can agree on