Can YOU win a 1-in-a-Million Game of 🪨 📄 ✂️ ?

Can YOU win a 1-in-a-Million Game of 🪨 📄 ✂️ ?

Special Thanks to the Bonnie Bees:

Bobby, Rebecca Wortham, Bob Kunz, Donal Botkin, BN-12, Katie Scheper, Jeromy Johnson, Andrew, Andrea Di Biagio, George Lin, David White, David Tyler, iulus, Xueqi, Oliver Steele, Tim Stumbaugh, Nancy Flores, Richard Jenkins, Phil Gardner, Steven Grimm, Martin, Colin Millions, Bogdan Toma, Chad Bramwell, Nicolas Dedual, Nicholas Welna, Jason Lewandowski, سليمان العقل, Meekay, rictic, Daniel Kwak, Brian Tillman, Jill Hoffman, Display name, Manuel O. Maldonado, Elco, Derek Bonner, Gary Chan, Scott Henry, Joseph Vitabile, Silvainius, ZaneyBoi, Max Paladino, Chris, James DeGurse, Drago175, Peter-Claire Lomax, Eliri Santana DeHendrick, Veronica Peshterianu, Freddi Hørlyck, John Lee, Hannah Cohn, Graham, Steven Hahn, Jedd Goble, Nightcore XIII, barelylingual, Maxime Zielony, NovaNine, Kai Rocke, Arbolest

☘️ R1 START ✅

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15 Responses

  1. Casey Snell says:

    I didn’t win, but I’d love to hear from someone who did what happens at the end. I don’t want to cheat my way there to see.

    • Mattan Feldman says:

      Didn’t win either, but did cheat my way to the end. It was worth it.

    • jj003333 says:

      I started to cheat my way there because I failed miserably. But at least a few videos from the end. I realized that I would be running the data and bailed

  2. KarlKewbZ says:

    I didn’t win however I made it further than I thought! Good luck to all of you!


  3. Matthew C. Snow says:

    Normally I would be willing to cheat, but…honestly I don’t mind I got eliminated early on

  4. feel_the_drums says:

    Lost – Draw – Draw – Draw – Win (x3) – Lost

    What a rollercoaster. Thanks Grey for that cool moment 🔥

  5. T-jay HD says:

    Not a winner here, glad I got as far as I did though. Good luck all.

  6. David Molloy says:

    so what are you meant to do if you draw? Because it feels like cheating if I say won

  7. Mike Burgess says:

    I recently watched another YT’er explain that if you ask someone a random question before playing this game, they will almost always throw rock… I know there must be some other “tricks of the trade” or statistical anomalies, right? Or is it all just smoke?….BTW, I lost very early on:( but it was still very cool! CGP ROCKS!! Or does he??

  8. Reuben Preece says:

    If I leave it a few days and then go back would that count as cheating because I would most likely have forgot all the moves

  9. Parker C says:

    I didn’t win but god this was fun! I just had to send it to a few of my friends

  10. ashnod dawnbringer says:

    good old rock, nothing beats that

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