Can your Keyboard do THIS??

Can your Keyboard do THIS??

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Discuss on the forum:

K55 RGB:
Tutorial video:

Cyonosa Chroma:
Tutorial video:

K120: (But any cheap keyboard will work)

If you wish to create your own .hex file, here is the video tutorial for that:


If you want to use a .hex file I’ve already created for you, I recommend this one:

Download, install, and run QMK toolbox:

Use it to flash the .hex file onto your converter, as shown in this video.

Download the AutoHotKey installer:

Then, download this AutoHotkey script by clicking RAW, and CTRL S to save. (Delete the little .txt if it appears!)

Create this folder structure, and save it here:

Now, double-click on it to get it running. A friendly icon should appear in your taskbar. Boop!
Now, try typing into a text document. Instead of text, you should be seeing tooltips. Perfect! Now you can replace those with your own functions, and calls to those functions. It’s all normal AutoHotKey scripting from this point on.


Full list of all scan codes, virtual keys, and the key replacements/substitutions I made for modifier keys, etc:
Converting a Model M using a teensey:

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59 Responses

  1. crushcastles23 says:

    You know, I thought it was just a running joke that you had so many keyboards and macros. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

  2. Ben Phillips says:

    I’d forgotten Taran got laser eye surgery for a second. I’m saw the thumbnail and was like”Who’s that?”

  3. Andrew Chong says:

    did linus purchase a new skin? he looks different…

  4. Dudeomfgstfux says:

    This felt like going back to class after winter break. You said words, I understood those words, but I don’t know what to do with the information.

  5. Angus Cos says:

    Can you make Linus into a Macro?

    • woestewouter96 says:

      With a bit of AI probably, should go a bit like this:
      Cringy intro skit
      Thank the sponsor of the video
      Unbox the object of the video
      Drop/almost drop the object of the video
      Cringy joke with the name of the manufacturer
      Something goes wrong, call someone from staff to fix it
      Fire Colton
      Rant about how great/awfull the product is
      Cringy segway to sponsor
      Like, Subscribe, Bell, Buy stuff featured, Merch store, Join community forum

      Patch 1.0.1 – Added Liniarkable’s suggestions for the outro

    • Liniarkable says:

      +woestewouter96 you forgot check to see where you can buy the stuff he featured ?, but still, this is an awesome macro

  6. TJW595 says:

    Every few years, the planets align and The Taran is allowed to exit his den. Upon seeing first light, The Taran is confused – Why so few macros The Taran asks? Why does this creature have only one keyboard? The Taran cannot allow this and plans his attack. The unsuspecting computer user is unaware of the fact that it is possible, or necessary, to use 12 keyboards with his computer. As the computer user types away on his single un-ergonomic keyboard that obviously causes far too much overexertion of their index finger, The Taran strikes. The Taran reveals his secret move: ULTIMATE MACRO and the user is completely overwhelemed by the fact that now he must memorize no fewer than 1400 new key instructions on their new setup, but The Taran has claimed victory, for while the user may need to exert far too much brain power and memory, the user may now save his hands from multiple key presses for the rest of their life.

  7. Chris Waldrip says:

    Holy crap… run Ubuntu, install git, build, install, edit, load, flash, summon demon, compile, sacrifice a virgin, and you’re done… is that all???

    • Aditya Sahu says:

      Its pretty easy …

    • blacknester says:

      +Matěj Bagar I had Fedora, OpenSUSE and Mint for over two years as my main drivers, no dual boot, just linux. I could get the original nvidia drivers installed but the problem started when I tried to install optimus support (switching between intel hd and nvidia graphics inside laptop). I spent over a week in those two years just fixing black screens and doing clean reinstalls. Multiple kernel panics, etc. My roommate was on Arch at that time and he had similarly bad experience. Oh, and you also had to blacklist wifi drivers for broadcom becuase external wifi antenna would not work. Oh, and running my digital piano over asio for wine took me full two days to set up. Great times – and mind you I still use linix almost daily for server stuff since I graduated Computer Science with specialization of computer systems, so I do understand things above and under the hood.

    • blacknester says:

      +Matěj Bagar Still does not work on dual GPU laptops:

    • blacknester says:

      +Hadinos Sanosam Not hard assuming everything goes smoothly. In my experience that is 50 percent of the time. And I was not refering to the video, but in general. Just installing nvidia driver on optimus enabled laptop with bumblebee can waste you half a day. And dont you dare update afterwards.

  8. asianrambo says:

    Taran your repository is like a gift from God, thank you

  9. Zxios says:

    I guess now we know why Taran was asking how you say Synapse on Twitter

  10. ISHERWOOD75 says:

    Alright, calm down PewDIePie…

  11. ProtoxxGaming says:

    Hold on, this isn’t jacksepticeye?

  12. DeadHawk says:

    I understand having that many macros. He seems good at using them efficiently.

    • ateaparrot says:

      yeah lol same. I respect his boner for macros because I know he’s going to use them efficiently. I question if i’d ever get used to using them well. I’ve never even been able to use 2 monitors..

    • Takagi says:

      Go to his channel and watch his 2 video-editing tutorials using Adobe Premiere where he edits LTT vids from start to finish, and you’ll see his macros in action. Those definitely helped him edit videos more efficiently.

  13. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

    Incredible a LTT video that is not a complete waste of time to watch.

  14. ExploringFate says:

    Taran Plotting to take over LTT.

  15. Bronze says:

    I didn’t understand any of this but it’s pretty interesting.

  16. Vatablous Devil says:

    “But _this_ is much easier”

    X to doubt

  17. hed420 says:

    12:49 What in the name of Frankenstein is this? I’m gonna need links to this DIY PS/N64/PC keyboard monstrosity!

    • hed420 says:

      No, I’m talking about that DIY keypad that has Playstation and Nintendo Gamecube controller buttons, orange pc keyboard keycaps, and a mouse scroll wheel. That thing is crazy and I must know how he made it.

  18. erejnion says:

    Not even one minute in, and this is already LTT’s best video up to date.

  19. Sean says:

    now i’m just waiting for that RFID chip video…

  20. Virruez says:

    More Taran please. I know he’s busy with editing, but he’d be an awesome host. Think it over, pleeeeease?

    • Astra3 says:

      I think that everyone at LTT would be awesome host, but they’re already doing something else (great example of this by my opinion was Max, but Taran also looks good).

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