Canada Announces 2016 Presidential Candidacy

Canada Announces 2016 Presidential Candidacy

Our white neighbor in the North asks for our vote, pledging to save us from ourselves. (Sketch originally posted to Facebook by Entrehub)

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20 Responses

  1. Barbara O says:

    this should go viral

  2. Paul Chen says:

    Ha ha, Prime Minister Centerfold…

  3. 12TimmyProductions43 says:

    glorious 240p master race <3

  4. JonneyETV says:


  5. Tokugawa Heavy Industries says:

    Build a wall to keep out the Canadians? Silly Canada, we’re trying to keep
    out the BROWN immigrants!

  6. Jstoney127 says:

    I’m all for that Canadian wall. You guys sent us Justin Bieber and Ted

  7. John Madden says:

    1 Canadian Dollar equals
    0.72 US Dollar

    no thanks Canada

  8. Charles Demarest says:

    You need to get rid of Quebec before I’ll vote for you Canada.

  9. Matt G (oPryzeLP) says:

    Trump 2016, or NO ONE

  10. kittycatcat2006 says:

    lol, reminds me of southpark, the canadians built a wall before mr garrison

  11. Kevin Ma says:

    Straight savage.

  12. Nicolle Caballero says:


  13. Albert Gamble says:

    what the actual fuck. my mind is trying to process what was spewing from

  14. Shawn Lewis says:

    A picture of Bernie would have been much more fitting!

  15. Damon Albarn says:

    racism….. you bet your sweet ass it will always exist

  16. Sora TheFox17 says:

    I don’t know why Canadians think Americans don’t care about Canada, all I
    hear from people here talk about here is how we should be like Canada

  17. Andrew Raynor says:

    I wonder if this guy has seen the new Canadian Prime Minister. Obviously,
    Canada has an even more stupid population than the US.

  18. Luck says:

    What is this joke? Trodeau isn’t satisfied with fucking up one country and
    wants to do it to the US as well? Get the fuck out here with this
    propoganda. Canadians absolutely hate their current leaders right now. The
    US is so unhappy with your governments stupidity that we actually had to
    audit you to get your immigration plan figured out because you are
    literally importing thousands of immigrants without screening them at all.
    Every Canadian I have seen is desperate for Trump to come and kick some
    shape into your pretty pageant party boy Trodeau right now. Fuck any
    American that actually takes the word of another country as advice of what
    we should do with ours, you know, the country that used to be notorious for
    being different. The country that everyone always ended up copying.

  19. Antione Jackson says:

    I’m moving to Canada!

  20. Moxman says:

    Us uncut is so bias..