Cancelled – Carnival’s Project Pinnacle

Cancelled – Carnival’s Project Pinnacle

The cruising industry has produced some really amazing architectural marvels. However something was being developed in 2004 unlike any other ship ever built. A true rivalry between Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean to see could build the biggest. Carnival’s concept was truly incredible… this is Project Pinnacle.

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20 Responses

  1. eh no says:

    I wish that ship wasnt cancelled daam

  2. Captain Beast mode says:

    I love carnival and oasis class ships

  3. AvaB815 says:

    just realized 3/4 Disney cruises have a carnival cruise with the same name!?!

  4. Josh Bacon says:

    I am now officially in love with the Cancelled and Abandoned Series!

  5. Starviend, Sir says:

    Last time I was this early, Disney Quest was futuristic.

  6. Couch Tomato says:

    Your videos are addictive. I’ve watched some of them over 3 times

  7. TheJrbdog says:

    You should do a video on Camp Snoopy.

  8. Skandar C says:

    Amazing video Jake. Totally enthralling. Proud of you mate:

    And now, a list of Jake’s most used phrases from the Abandoned or Cancelled series:

    “Absolutely massive”
    “But in all fairness..”
    “Let’s go back to (insert year)”
    “Proved to be absolutely devastating”
    “And that’s exactly what they did”
    “A plan like no other”
    And of course…
    “Whaaaaaatsup guys! My name is Jake”

    😂😂 hahaha love you Jake 🤗

  9. Kevin N says:

    the designers of Titanic said the exact same thing about Titanic. Maybe it was a good thing it never was built😉

  10. Jack Hoenig says:

    You should do a canceled video on the Super conducting super collider which was going to be built out side of Dallas Texas in the 1980’s and was going to be bigger than the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. Btw love the video

  11. Milan Jovanovic says:

    You deserve WAAAAY more subs. This shit is TV show quality.

  12. Citizen of Corona says:

    I’m wondering if Carnival was smart in their decision to just create simple ships. I’m guessing it makes sense because they’re the mainstream cheap cruise line, and if they created a major luxury ship like the Pinnacle, especially nowadays, it probably wouldn’t have been successful. Prices would skyrocket and Carnival would risk losing its place in the cruise line market.

  13. Geo Jacks says:

    great video have u considered doing beastly kingdom for canceled?

  14. 3Gads says:

    Last time I was on a Carnival Cruise, the food was crummy, the decor was gaudy, and the last day had everyone pukey.

  15. 4exgold says:

    Royal Caribbean is upmarket cruises and Carnival is more on the budget end i’m guessing?

  16. Adam Gonzales says:

    These ships are just too large. I even think that the Disney fantasy might be a tad to large. They just have too many people on board. You most likely will never get to do rksi me of the most popular attractions on the boat because of the thousands on board. You want to be on vacation with your family not with 5000 other people you’re rubbing elbows with

  17. Luis Landa says:

    Symphony of the Seas*** you said sympathy

  18. Otaking Mikohani says:

    If only this were made by Disney and had a high school built into it. Then it would be perfect!

  19. Orbital_nomad says:

    so it’s a ship with a huge ass. how fitting

  20. Nakai says:

    i thought i was on the subscription list but i was wrong. JAKE YOUR TRENDING!

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