Candela Obscura | Official Trailer

Candela Obscura | Official Trailer

We’re thrilled to announce Candela Obscura, a brand new game, in a brand new world, using a brand new system!

Candela Obscura is an ongoing horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Leveraging improv and gaming as story mechanics, the series features the Candela Obscura game, which is run on the Illuminated Worlds System, both created by Critical Role’s publishing company, Darrington Press.

The first chapter of Candela Obscura stars veteran voice actors Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Anjali Bhimani, and Ashley Johnson and the story is led by Matthew Mercer.
The show will premiere on May 25th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch & YouTube and continues on the last Thursday of each month. Podcast and VOD will be available two weeks after its initial broadcast. Learn more here.

Candela Obscura was originally created by Taliesin Jaffe and Chris Lockey, with Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall serving as lead designers and writers. Steve Failows serves as our director and co-produced this project alongside Maxwell James.

Lightkeeper: Taliesin Jaffe
Music by Colm McGuinness

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33 Responses

  1. J Ruiz says:

    No one embraces darkness as a trait of personality as Mr Taliesin… I love all of this, from music to ambience.

  2. Nicole Ecklund says:

    So cool to see Talesin giving us a peek into their early childhood years in the early 1900s

    • Death by Konami says:

      He’s a lot older than that. By 1907, Taliesin has been around for at least 1200 years.

    • Kahlan Williams says:

      Pretty sure he’s the most recent form of a pagan god, or a primordial demon that’s gone native.

    • Sky P says:

      ​@Kahlan Williams I’m putting my money on “eldritch horror entertaining himself by meddling in human affairs (and DnD)”

    • N says:

      Childhood? More like fifth millennia. This current form is but a reincarnation that holds a fraction of their true gothy power.

    • thankin41 says:

      Well, THAT childhood as he has experienced many.

  3. Beta Hammer says:

    So happy Taliesin is sharing his family history with us

  4. Em says:

    can we take a second to appreciate the magnificence of their costumes?

  5. TheDawnJay says:

    This is going to be AMAZING love to see Robbie and Anjali back

  6. Thien N says:

    I have to rewatch this because I was so mesmerized with the visual design and contrasts that I didn’t really hear any of the words. Props to the production team for their choices and execution.

  7. Nick N. says:

    So nice of Taliesin to let them film at his place!

  8. James Z says:

    Loveing Taliesin, loving the costumes, loving the story pitch, but dam that score send shivers down the spine

  9. Ravager 2-6 says:

    Taliesin and Mercer are taking us into the Twilight zone..

    I’m here for it

  10. Elijah H says:

    Robbie Daymond and Anjali Bhimani! Two of my favorite guests; always amazing to see them in CR!

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