Candide Thovex – quattro 2

Candide Thovex – quattro 2

Candide and Audi partner up to Ski the World

Filmed on Planet Earth

Learn more about this project:

Learn more about Audi & quattro

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33 Responses

  1. Kassq says:

    Legend is back!🔥🔥 Well this was epic as fuck

  2. Konrad Mioduszewski says:

    Here before this goes viral!

  3. swadd1er says:

    The legend returns. Have been waiting for this for a long long time. My day has been made.

  4. RikkuTV says:

    toujours plus mais on adore ça !

  5. Emil Andersson says:

    Who else have been waiting for a year???

  6. Scott Secco says:


  7. Maxwell Larkin says:

    That’s one hell of a waxing job !

  8. In Reverberation says:

    Y u cheatin physics, bro?

  9. Tris X says:

    Candide Thovex doesn’t fear climate change. Climate change fears Candide Thovex.

    Thanks for all the likes 🙂

  10. Elouan Allée says:

    Pour moi, c’est clairement ta meilleure vidéo, elle est incroyable du début jusqu’à la fin, le parcours que tu prends et vraiment créatif ! Bonne chance pour faire mieux 😀

  11. OrangeArts - M๏ntagen&Dєsigns says:

    Insane 🔥👌

  12. RadCow says:

    Ok Candide là on peut plus lutter !

  13. Andri Ragettli says:

    Haha love the end with the jamaican dude🙏😂

  14. SUV RVing says:

    Now THIS is how you make a commercial!

  15. Isaac Carlton says:

    I didn’t know that this was possible until today.

  16. says:

    Great stunts ! Like a very hot future, where global warming did make snow impossible 🙂
    I hope Audi does make electric cars, or else their vision of a *snow-free future* will get real for no good reasons.

  17. dat calculation tho says:

    *I have never seen anything this mind blowing on YouTube!*

  18. Dawson Breek says:

    If he were here in person Id give money out of my wife’s purse. This is incredible

  19. Aaron Schanz says:

    Here before what will hopefully be billions of views

  20. Aaron Schanz says:

    Rip skis

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