Canelo Alvarez’s Guadalajara mansion tour (EXCLUSIVE)

Canelo Alvarez’s Guadalajara mansion tour (EXCLUSIVE)

Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez offers an exclusive tour of his mansion in Guadalajara, Mexico. Canelo expresses that he prefers to keep his lifestyle private, but is offering the tour of his luxurious estate to hopefully inspire others, especially those who come from humble backgrounds like he did. The world boxing champ also shows us his garage, complete with a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, a Shelby Mustang, a multitude of motorcycles and a wall adorned with championship belts.

EN ESPAÑOL: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez ofrece un recorrido exclusivo por su mansión en Guadalajara, México. Canelo expresa que prefiere mantener su estilo de vida privado, pero ofrece el recorrido por su lujosa propiedad para inspirar a otros, especialmente a aquellos de orígenes humildes como él. El campeón mundial de boxeo también nos muestra su garaje, completo con un Ferrari, un Rolls Royce, un Lamborghini, un Shelby Mustang, una multitud de motocicletas y una pared adornada con cinturones de campeonato.

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46 Responses

  1. King KeNNy Slay says:

    Lmfao Canelo trying to get the Tesla to dance 😂

  2. Fino Boxing says:

    Awesome interview, it’s great to see Canelo is still humble after building a massive empire.

    • DanTheMan says:

      @Ican Aja he hasn’t taken a DNA test his parents are literally Aztec lmao black hair all his siblings have black hair and he came out a ginger and he’s mexican he was born there and has the mexican heart he isn’t Spaniard lmao get your boxer lmao 🤣

    • Mitchell Li says:

      @Ican Aja I’m not saying it wasn’t true I’m just saying “humble” isn’t the word lmao

    • Rdz says:

      @DanTheMan same as my parents who are native/aztec looking and im canelo💀.

    • whiskey jack says:

      @cx luisz that’s exactly what you say when you want to appear humble but in truth have a massssssive ego.

    • cx luisz says:

      @whiskey jack bro just shut up damn canelo really cant do anything without yall hating. The interview was literally set up to see his luxuries. Grow up

  3. Zaptics says:

    He whispered “I’m the best” at poker 😂😂😂

  4. Adonnis Blac says:

    Graham: what’s the art about
    Canelo: * explains in Spanish*
    Graham: got it

  5. Khan Dee Xiong says:

    One of the greatest boxers to ever do it and the very definition of a Mexican Warrior! Canelo has earned respect in the game and deserves every bit of it. Mexico is in great hands with this guy, Viva Mexico!

    • Tlatoani Valle says:

      Yes sir!!!! People hate but can’t hate on actual success 💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾🇲🇽💪🏾

  6. Shane 1178 says:

    Finally speaking English. Now he will become a true crossover star

  7. Anton Pjetri says:

    Is it only me or hearing canelo trying to talk english is wholesome af? Like he is like a little kid trying to explain his pains and stuff and what he accomplished

    • Joe Mal says:

      @Ceesar ort3Ga lol why yall so pressed hes complimenting Canelo 😂? Tómatelo con calma mi hermano

    • Rajat Bhat says:

      it’s his second language, he’s not fluent. and it’s visible. You know what they say, if you are talking in your second language (in which you are not so fluent), you get more honest. This interview and what you said, feels kind of true

    • RICO PARADISE says:

      ✝️ *Lord Jesus died & rose again to pay the debt of your sin!*

      🔵It is Gods Gift to us by His grace, we dont earn it by what we do/how good we are!

      ✅By Faith in the sacrifice God has made are we saved from the penalty of sin!

      💜We are all sinners that need God. No one can say they are perfect to be able to pay their debt of sin. This is why only God could pay the penalty for us, that is merciful Love!

    • Justin says:

      I get what you’re saying haha , it’s like my 3 year old brother tryna to talk to me . Still learning 😂 all good

    • Anton Pjetri says:

      I was never mocking him nor making fun of him

  8. Julio Coronado says:

    You laugh at Canelo’s English and he laughs at your bank account.

  9. the good life giove says:

    Man the difference in personality to mayweather is unreal, he is a million times more likeable. A real humble down to earth normal guy. He deserves everything he gets

    • OCTAS says:

      Well yeah but Floyd tried to be the villain he literally admitted he is the villain which he is. And during his prime he was one unstoppable villain. So he wasn’t trying to be likable just get money which he succeeded in by a mile.

    • Tow Hee says:

      We need guys like Mayweather from time to time to make the sport exciting. I hate this fact, but it is, what it is.

    • ducky H says:

      Yeah but after I seen him speak about roger mayweather before his passing in an interview he’s a lot more deep than he shows

  10. TenThumbs Productions says:

    From selling ice cream in a bus to this…. wow. Hard work will always have value, and combined with smart work it can do big things.

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