Canelo And Caleb Plant Embrace And Show Respect After Epic Battle 🤝

Canelo And Caleb Plant Embrace And Show Respect After Epic Battle 🤝

Canelo went over to Caleb Plant to show respect after his 11th round knockout.

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45 Responses

  1. Jrmjuve10 says:

    I hope Plant continues to fight. He’s actually really good. No shame in losing to Canelo

  2. one solo bum says:

    How underrated was Caleb! Dude did a great job most of the fight. Pure underdog spirit.

  3. Chris J says:

    Excellent fight. I didn’t think caleb would win the fight but I knew he would put forth a good fight and he did. Most people thought he’d be KO’d by round 5 but he proved very durable and earned a lot of respect from those who overlooked him. Congrats to both men for an amazing boxing match 👏 💪💯

  4. Borlo says:

    Plant fought well but Canleo is just a beast man. Hope Plant gets back in the ring sometime soon and he learns from this defeat. VIVA MEXICO

  5. Thin-Blue-Gonzo says:

    I’m glad Canelo corrected the interpreter on what the exchange was. Spoken like a true gentleman.

  6. CRCH714 says:

    Straight up .Plant performed better than expected
    Respect to both for the respect shown at the end
    At the end tho
    It’s like Canelo said
    There’s level to this

    • M1k3 says:

      I swear Canelo looked, at points during the fight, like he was panicking and clueless as to what to do. I only seen that look on his face before, when he fought Mayweather lol

  7. Juan Valderas says:

    Canelo is my dude but mad respect to Plant. I’d love to cheer Plant on in his next match. Glad they had respect at the end.

  8. Matthew Torga says:

    Plants defense was on point. But once Canelo started turning on he broke him down in the later rounds. Well fought by both champs!!

  9. J C says:

    I been telling everyone Plant is a dog in that ring but no one believed me. Congrats to both Canelo and Plant for a great fight tonight for a historic moment🔥🔥🔥

  10. KCR World Birthday Songs says:

    The respect is beautiful. Plant met an elite fighter. But he really needs more skills

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