Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Exchange Words At Final Press Conference

Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Exchange Words At Final Press Conference

May 6th, 2021 — Canelo vs. Saunders Press Conference

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53 Responses

  1. will smith says:

    That old American calling him Billy joe sanders lol

  2. Jacobbsotl says:

    We are actually witnessing a historic match right now regardless of how any of you feel about it I just feel honored to be alive at this moment to see This

  3. wai tsang says:

    Motivedia does a better job at promoting this fight than DAZN has.

  4. roddi733 says:

    Billy’s dad looks like he’s wandered in from a bar in Benidorm

  5. Cristian C says:

    The translator should have gotten it right at 4:35 definitely would had added some spark “I think we have a tougher fight off the ring, than we’ll have on the ring”

  6. Dum Twid says:

    The old boy at the start… “Billy Joe Sanders” they probably think he’s related to the colonel 🍗👨🏻‍🦳😂

  7. Active85 says:

    Saunders father didn’t know where he was at,😂 he just woke up went to get coffee and showed up.

  8. Ron Rammer says:

    Eddie Hearn looks like that wrapping paper you get at Christmas that has no “christmassy” feel to it . It’s just a pattern haha

  9. Fightfan2321 says:

    Jerry Jones at the intro sounds like he’s on a late night tv add selling holy water

  10. TimeBucks says:

    the last smile from Canelo.

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