Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Have HEATED First Face-To-Face

Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Have HEATED First Face-To-Face

May 5, 2021 — Canelo vs. Saunders from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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55 Responses

  1. J C says:

    I love Canelo‘s pride of being Mexican. I’m not Mexican but I can appreciate that pride:)

    • Savage Gentleman says:

      @Ruda Ventil I think he said his ancestor might have some Irish connection from 1800’s

    • Night Prowler says:

      @Straight White Male lies! Canelo is the only “irish” looking person among his many brothers who could pass for Spanish and his mom and dad don’t look irish at all.

    • Blair Robert says:

      Does Canelo have Scottish/Irish heritage? He looks Celtic.

    • Jorge Mayorga says:

      @im very educated mf funny how I went to a mostly Mexican school and got called out for being pale. Y’all only claim him cause he’s an amazing boxer

    • Night Prowler says:

      @Jorge Mayorga “claim him” he’s a pale mexican buddy. Both of his parents are Mexican 🤡

  2. Charlie Hustle says:

    It’s time to break out the projector, and invite the neighborhood over for this one.

  3. DAZN Boxing says:

    Watch Canelo vs. Saunders LIVE on DAZN worldwide, including the U.S. and UK (excluding Mexico) 🌎

  4. SportsNtuneS Worldwide says:

    He said you are in a big problem now that’s all folks uk start getting a memorial service ready for billy Joe he’s done

  5. Papa Bumba says:

    Got to love how Billy Joe pushes about the meat with 0 sign of seeing any irony or hypocrisy 😂

    • Ramon Bernal says:

      @litty you blind boy

    • Ramon Bernal says:

      @litty and

    • Ramon Bernal says:

      @litty you gonna need that extra cash to pay off the debt

    • Paolo M. says:

      @John Williams Stimulants out of competition at the levels found would have far lesser effect than something like clenbuterol. You’d need to test positive fight night for stimulants to gain any real benefit and ephedrine is commonly in nasal sprays.

      Why do so many people not have a clue what they’re talking about?

    • Mr Miyagi says:

      @litty same as fury was eating then 🤦‍♂️ 😂😂😂

  6. Hold No Punches podcast says:

    Whenever canelo speaks English he never says much but he said you have A big problem now and I believe him lol

  7. Slow Grind says:

    “You are in big trouble now” -Canelo with the quote of the year

  8. Short Clips says:

    He won’t be able to sleep as “you are in big trouble now” will be in his mind all night

    • matador c137 says:

      @TepigPlays 52 I’m all in where do I sign up??

    • R says:

      @Four-Twenty 420 The way they celebrate the Golovkin robberies after waiting out his prime is truly embarrassing. Some of them even try to claim that the ridiculous 114-114 card he received against Mayweather was legit.

    • Four-Twenty 420 says:

      @R – It is 100% embarrassing… Mayweather beat Canelo every round and one judge still had it a draw. That should say it all… Clowns

    • Francisco G says:

      @Four-Twenty 420 I’ll @ you when canelo wins ☠️

    • Four-Twenty 420 says:

      @Francisco G – What do you think of the Canelo Mayweather fight?

  9. Kalvin Reese says:

    Let’s hope Billy’s liver is as strong as his chin.

  10. timomomomo says:

    I love the irony of Saunders fans relying on the mythology and reputation of gypsy fighters, completely ignoring the mythology and reputation of MEXICAN boxers. Thanks for coming guys.

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