Canelo’s Immediate Reaction To Yildirim Win, Says Billy Joe Saunders Is Next

Canelo’s Immediate Reaction To Yildirim Win, Says Billy Joe Saunders Is Next

February 27th, 2021 — Canelo Alvarez’ Post Fight Interview & Reaction To His Victory

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93 Responses

  1. Rtm00s says:

    Already announced Canelo vs Billy Joe.
    This man is fighting 4 times a year while your favourite boxers fighting once a year ducking and using corona as excuse

  2. Johan Verdugo says:

    canelo is coming for you billy joe

  3. Trap Boy says:

    DAZN is the mvp with these immediate uploads.

  4. Jaltichito 04 says:

    j balvin concert lasted more then canelo’s fight 😂 😂

  5. Gilverto Navarro says:

    -1:46 canelo got mad bc he had a Jake Paul shirt on 😂😂😂 canelo a legend fr fr

  6. Sophia Azhiev says:

    “Get the f$%^ outta here ”

  7. Kikemoi Arap Ng'asura says:

    If you hate Canelo, you’ll hate him more, if you love him, you’ll love him more

    • triple beans says:

      @TheAlpha-Tv he has been a proffesional since he was 15 years, that’s 7 solid years,longer than even anthony joshua.He got outsmarted just accept it and I’m a big canelo fan.

    • Danny Boi says:

      big facts. real mexican are PROUD of him 🇲🇽

    • Signkutter signkutter says:

      @NaySay Network If he requested this opponent…that was weak…but he has proven himself to be a great fighter

    • GlitchRealm says:

      I don’t hate him I just hate the fact that he’s choosing to not fight certain fighters. No one wants to see him vs avni .. no one is calling for him to fight bj Saunders or Caleb plant. These are not the fights we want to see

    • Danny Boi says:

      @GlitchRealm bro, the fighters you are talking about aren’t even worth $1 million a fight. canelo is out here earning $50 million a fight. you really think he’s gonna waste his time on literal BUMS???? lol quit playing w me dawg

  8. That one guy says:

    That’s guy has always been the worst translator

  9. The Lawbringer FH says:

    For Yildirim was the fight his importent moment in his life, for Canelo it was just Sunday !

  10. Destiny Marin says:

    1:39 He Said GETTF OUT OF MY RING 😂

  11. yoloSwag says:

    If Canelo tells you to get to steppin, boy you better step

  12. Benjamin says:

    When canelo said get the f*ck out of here lol

  13. Glenn Mora says:

    1:35 “aye, get the f*ck out of here, get the f*ck out of here, f*cker”- Canelo and you can hear someone laugh in the background 😂

  14. cx luisz says:

    1:42 “Orale my fren, vallase a la chingada”

  15. Jose Lopez says:

    Eddie hearns looks huge next to everyone else.. I wasnt aware but I just googled him mans is 6’5 😲

    • ThirdeyeStrike says:

      They’re messycan

    • David Kinsella says:

      Ffs. I never realized. But of course that’s why he doesn’t looked small beside AJ or even Fury all that much. But Canelo is 5′ 9″. I mean it’s not small small (I’m 5′ 7″ 😭), but it’s just that Hearn and the commentator, who is also well over 6′ are standing closest to the camera. It’s known that the camera will make the person standing closest appear even bigger. If they were really savvy they’d have it set up in a way where Canelo is closest to the camera. As it is the image goes down in a V to Canelo

    • Aaron Mcdonnell says:

      Yeah Eddie’s tall but he’s closer to the camera angle makes him a bit bigger looking

    • Francotirador says:

      @ThirdeyeStrike mexiCAN

    • Omogbolahan Adeyemo says:

      @David Kinsella Saul is 5’7

  16. Edwin Esquivel says:

    The fight ended and the pizzas hadn’t even arrived yet.

  17. Pancho Villa says:

    Haters: Canelo fights nobody’s
    Canelo: Hold your thoughts, let me run to the bank, I’ll be right back.

  18. Kainfeldas says:

    I love how Canelo looks at the translator to make sure he got everything right.

  19. PRO X Smith says:

    Eddie hearn looks like a member of the backstreet boys

  20. Vidio Unik says:

    I hope this video can be trending #1

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