Cantore Thundersnow Montage!

Cantore Thundersnow Montage!

“Yes! We got it baby!!” How many times does Jim Cantore experience thundersnow in Boston??! Watch him geek out as Winter Storm Neptune intensifies off the New England coast!

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19 Responses

  1. 70sdave34 says:

    why i want to be a meteorologist

  2. Roland Lowhorn says:


  3. wilsano man says:


  4. Matthew Minard says:

    This is just awesome! 

  5. Trevor Underwood says:


  6. Julie Weigle says:

    AWESOME! Plus, his utter joy made me laugh. I’ve experienced thunder snow
    and it is amazing.

  7. Derek Overbeck says:

    He sounds like Rex-Kwon-do from Napoleon dynamite, when he gets amped!

  8. JWitt30 says:

    Get some Jim! Wooooo!

  9. toni piacquaddio says:

    Awesome! That’s my home town for ya!!!!!! So wish I was there. I ABSOLUTELY
    LOVE A GREAT NEW ENGLAND BLIZZARD!!!!! I miss them so much!!!

  10. pasodiufwen says:

    Does this lunatic, whomever he is, know that unless he gets himself
    together he’ll miss the spaceship? They’ll probably be happy to leave
    without him.

  11. ChuckNoctis says:

    murica fawk ye

  12. La Sombra Del LoBo says:

    Full contact Weatherman. 

  13. acs197 says:

    All weather geeks go nuts for thundersnow, but not like Jim ;)

  14. garen wilbon says:

    “Yes! We got it baby!!” Watch @JimCantore geek out as he experiences
    #thundersnow in Boston as #Winter Storm #Neptune intensifies off the
    #NewEngland coast!

  15. Martha Ringles says:

    Men in their natural habbit, a woman shall never become that fragile over
    nothing but lighting like that gentleman is doing, mens in their natural
    habitat, getting excited over nothing but lighting like a child what can I
    say if there were no men there would be no war because they are a bunch of
    no good uneducated humans.

    Martha Ringles / Feminism Patriot / Equal Rights

  16. Shane A says:

    You take your Thunderstorm I’ll Take the Power-ball

  17. Tony Schaetzke-Wood says:

    I love this guy! That is exactly how I feel about big weather events.
    Keeping bringing us this enthusiasm Jim. I love you 

  18. jess issac says:

    Veteran newscaster and True American Hero Brian Williams later told how
    he and Jim were talking about thundersnow back after he single handedly
    pulled Jim out of a canal he had fallen into during Hurricane Katrina, and
    how he could predict things like that through some physic intuition he was
    given by a Gipsy woman he saved during the Gulf War when he found her with
    a gunshot wound in the desert. He related the story of how he used the
    sewing kit from his hotel to sew her up after extracting the bullet with
    his teeth, He explained ho she had lost so much blood and with no one
    around to help he had to give her a blood transfusion of his own blood he
    had to use tubing from the vehicle he was was given by the 101st airborne
    troops after he told them where the Republican Guard troops were hiding and
    waiting to ambush them . He told Jim that the next time he predicted a
    good Thundersnow event he would call him and let him know when and where to
    go film it. A week prior to the event shown in the Video Brian Called Jim
    and gave him the info he needed to be in the right place and time to get it
    on film. I think the video above is proof that Brian Williams was telling
    the truth about everything. If not, how could Jim have known to be there
    to get that on Video?

  19. László Nádassy says:

    “Yes! We got it baby!!” Watch @JimCantore geek out as he experiences
    #thundersnow in Boston as #Winter Storm #Neptune intensifies off the
    #NewEngland coast!