Capital One Orange Bowl: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Clemson Tigers | Full Game Highlights

Capital One Orange Bowl: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Clemson Tigers | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the Tennessee Volunteers’ Orange Bowl victory over the Clemson Tigers. Vols QB Joe Milton led the way with 251 YDS & 3 TD.

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27 Responses

  1. don64 says:

    The most orange of orange bowls ever!🍊

  2. Calvin Corum says:

    I think they had the Heisman at tonight’s game already waiting on Clemsons Qb. For next year. Clemson and the media overlooked the Vols. Kid never lost a game . Guess now he knows he isn’t in highschool anymore.

    • Mark Morgan says:

      Now he knows what it’s like to be on the other side of a loss! Not fun, but this kid is good and has a lot of grit. We donkey stomped him a couple of time and he got right back up and played ball. Tough kid.

    • REDEVIL70 says:

      There is an ACC and BIG10 alumni club at ESPN…it just means more to them!

    • TNfanDrews73 says:

      I was waiting for him to walk on water after hearing espn go on and on about him before the game started. Just knew he was able fly like bird or shoot lighting bolts from his hands. 😂

  3. praterbd says:

    Great game! Score was deceiving, Clemson played Tenn close and looked dangerous the entire game! Loved the effort from both teams! Especially after seeing so many good players skip the bowl games for the draft. I think the powers that be need to reevaluate that early draft option, I’d hate college football to turn into the NFL.

  4. Green Wave says:

    What a season yall!!! So many big games. So many big wins and swings. Pitt, FLA, Bama, LSU, KY, Clem. It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!!!

  5. Pruett Fam says:

    As a Tennessee fan, this season may not have ended the way I wanted it to, but this win sure did feel nice.

  6. Real American says:

    I can’t tell you how happy l am they had this good of a season. I’m a lifelong vol fan and I think we all got spoiled years ago from their success.

  7. Rob Mitchell says:

    Milton barely flicks his wrist and it’s gone, 50 yards downfield. I was nervous for him to take over bc of his inconsistency, but man has he grown. We need our O-line to pick up pressure better and we’ll be set next year! I thought our D had some false bravado going on early (since our D was like 131st in country at 1 point this year) but they pulled it off. Super excited for Vol Nation and Milton III. Also the young DBs and WRs were exciting to watch!

  8. Joe Huff says:

    As a Dawg fan I’m glad to see Tennessee coming back to power. I want the SEC East strong again. Go Dawgs beat OSU

  9. TheMC2011 says:

    Glad the Vols won this game, especially after everyone called them frauds since we played them. Congrats to Tennessee! 🍊 Bowl Champs!

    • TheMC2011 says:

      @Cory Braswell exactly, but what really makes me nervous is how Kirby has had to force these kids to stay focused throughout the year. They need to be locked in for the whole game tonight and minimize penalties, although since it’s a big game I’m not extremely worried about it since they usually show up for ranked opponents

    • TheMC2011 says:

      @Jay Riv weak bait 😂

    • Cory Braswell says:

      @TheMC2011 They ain’t gonna lay down for y’all… They’re tired of hearing about that Michigan game they could be dangerous you’re right

    • Cory Braswell says:

      Definitely not frauds… We just need more time to develop and add quality depth… We’re coming though in a hurry!

    • Andy B says:

      @TheMC2011we will destroy Ohio!!! Go Dawgs!!

  10. Jump Street24 says:

    Michigan fan here, glad joe milton getting better. He was the hype before jj mccarthy. And then good luck to are other transfer qb Cade mcnamara who just left. He had a good season but everybody knew jj was better. Cade will help iowa and play good football. They will be a tough team next year. Joe had/got plenty arm strength and needed to bring it down. He needed better accuracy/ and not holding it to long.

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