Capitol Hill Cold Open – Saturday Night Live

A bill (Kenan Thompson) and an executive order (Bobby Moynihan) explain how government really works with a little help from President Obama (Jay Pharaoh).

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18 Responses

  1. gilbert martinez says:

    You guys are a bunch of amatuers who the fuck watches this

  2. Kel-chan says:

    when the liberals reject their own messiah, YOU KNOW THINGS ARE BAD

  3. Dennis Albright says:

    Seems that when SNL even disagrees with the Big O then things are really
    bad for the liberals.
    Capitol Hill Cold Open – Saturday Night Live

  4. robotguy says:

    About damn time.

  5. chopinbloc says:

    LOL. Dictatorial overreach is so funny.

  6. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    Why is this one available to watch in my country and most aren’t?

  7. MrTree1779 says:

    I’m loving all of the “unfair” being screamed by the Conservatives over
    this simple SNL video. Even though it’s poking fun at President Obama, the
    Right-wingers, Republicans, and Liber-tea-baggers are all so angry at the
    entire world that they still find a reason to complain.

    And the complaint of “Obama writes the most EOs” is disputed by historical
    (which, of course, Conservatives hate like vampires hate garlic):

    Obama: 193, 129 per 4-year term (expected. Also, the LOWEST ‘per-term’ of
    them all)
    Bush II: 291, 145 per 4-year term
    Clinton: 364, 182 per 4-year term
    Bush I: 166, 166 per 4-year term
    Reagan: 380, 190 per 4-year term
    Carter: 319, 319 per 4-year term
    Ford: 168 (3 years), 224 per 4-year term
    Nixon: 345 (5 years), 276 per 4-year term
    Johnson: 323 (6 years), 215 per 4-year term
    Kennedy: 214 (2 years), 428 per 4-year term (winner, winner, chicken
    Eisenhower: 484, 242 per 4-year term

  8. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    this was a Cold Open for Congress

  9. Zachary Jones says:

    But Obama didn’t even have a bill to push down the stairs… congress WAS
    LITERALLY DOING NOTHING to address immigration. He was forced to act
    through executive action because congress was being completely inactive.
    This skit is incorrect.

  10. CPR4LIFE says:

    Too bad that’s not how this really happened, but who cares…right?

  11. vksecret says:

    About time they turned right.

  12. Josh Hankins says:

    That was brilliant.

  13. aricars6263 says:

    47 people are obama followers.

  14. Interstellar Overdriven says:

    The last president of the USA JFK tried to save our country with executive
    order #11110 which was close to putting the private Federal Reserve out of
    business just months before JFK was killed. Check out the video “All Wars
    are Bankers Wars” to fully understand the sheer destruction and abject
    poverty that the private central banks around the world have caused over
    the past centuries.

  15. Kelly Trobaugh says:

    Love it

  16. Gilbertopuppy says:

    Does people even understand politics? When congress is being so inept and
    unwilling to cooperate the President must act on executive action. Of
    course Republicans will bloke anything they want the last 2 years of Obama
    to look terrible so Hillary loses 2016. These guys in DC son’t think about
    the people geez.

  17. Sean Campbell says:

    This was hilarious! When SNL of all places start to comment on the
    President, you know things are bad.

    Via +Leslie P​

  18. Michael Barton says:

    Justifying what Obama did is like saying it’s okay for Bill Cosby to rape
    women because they wouldn’t have had sex with him otherwise.