CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Movie Clip – Right to Choose (2016) Robert Downey Jr. Marvel Movie HD

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Movie Clip – Right to Choose (2016) Robert Downey Jr. Marvel Movie HD – CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Movie Clip – Right to Choose (2016) Robert Downey Jr Marvel Movie HD

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20 Responses

  1. intercepter101 says:

    captain america dies at the end after fighting mr electric from fire boy
    and fish girl

  2. Fortunecake says:

    I’m sorry, I cannot pay attention to Mr. Rogers while Vision is dressed
    like Mr. Rogers

  3. Karla Andaluz says:

    does vision dress like that in the comics? ? hahaha that’s great

  4. Geno Grant says:

    Damn at first I thought Cap was just being stubborn for not cooperating but
    this clip explains how he feels very well

  5. Andi Pee says:

    I love Captain America but I’m going Team Iron Man because he got Spider
    Man. lol

  6. edwizard1 says:

    Really hope they don’t downplay the fact that Tony Stark, post
    weapons-manufacturing-renouncement, equipped the hell out of Shield/Hyda.
    Dude doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Cap should be all “Last time you let
    an institution take control you almost let Hydra start a holocaust.” Tony’s
    pig fetish would get everyone killed.

  7. William Henry Van Etta says:

    Yeah the UN is pretty shitty, Capts the man

  8. Rose Ryan says:

    Paul Bethany looks quintessentially British, even as Vision. Look at Wanda
    trying to look like she’s not interested. lol.

    Yeah, Tony shut down the weapons operation, but he still continued with his
    arrogant, destructive ways creating dangerous weapons for SHIELD and
    building unchecked in his home grown lab. How did that turn out? And…
    Ultron anyone?? Team Cap because he’s right, the government will misuse
    their abilities and the world would be Much worse.

  9. Im behind you says:

    Most of the comments are about how fly Vision is

  10. med Alamo says:

    When its a captain america movie but its more like avengers 3 BTW WHYBIS
    RDJ in the title but not Chris?!?!

  11. Princess Pusheen says:

    Captain America Movie.
    Title says, “Robert Downey Jr. Marvel Movie.”

  12. quinten488 says:

    lol at Vision

  13. Double Arch says:

    looks boring I thing star wars episode 1 took a polical turn it didn’t work
    out so well.

  14. Tyroslayed says:

    Hhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn *excited noises*

  15. Jrm Her says:

    They didn’t want to CGI the Vision’s uniform so they had a guy with a green
    suit wear those cloths instead

  16. Ryan TheRadical says:

    Alright cool, I’m here for Vision just like everyone else lmao

  17. Kap N' Nico says:

    superhero by day
    professional businessman by night.

  18. Issac Jordan says:

    WHO ELSE CAN FEEL THE TENSION IN THE ROOM!!!! also Vision dresses good

  19. Carlos101deVil says:

    Da fuq… Vision dresses so much better than i do

  20. Angel Marroquin says:

    First of all dayuuum vision, second this scene is awesome.