Car Crash Prank!!

Car Crash Prank!!

HUGE Thanks to my partners Scott Tube-Free for showing how the toilet paper tubes we use have a big impact on the environment.
Check this out!!! – #Tossthetube


This was a fun prank to pull on some of my close friends. Wrecking a new i8 was a little painful but definitely a blast. Thanks for all the love on this stuff. See you soon!
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20 Responses

  1. LAZA DAA says:

    duutsonit tuli autoon?

  2. Christian Herrera says:

    LMFAO FOUSEY!!!!!!!

  3. HawkyHugo says:


  4. Mohamed nori says:

    wow good job man great video !!!

  5. melinda latremouille says:

    I WAS CRYING LAUGHING ROMAN! Fouseys reaction had me in tears! Please more
    stunts like this !!!???

  6. Lolland NM says:

    🙂 jo mega gras ☆=)

  7. iiSroFy says:

    welcome to the dudesons world baby..

  8. Jake Hughes says:

    fouseytubes reaction was so lol :D

  9. Gapple Munchers says:

    Haha fousey is a baby xD

  10. King Kade says:


  11. Fajer njr says:

    Were those last guys high??

  12. FirstOfApril says:

    Dudesons reaction the best

  13. TheEvilVargon says:

    This is how pranks should be done

  14. Bullman says:

    Wtf I just got the notification it’s a day late

  15. Mihnea Denis says:

    Oh, poor Roman thought he could scare the guys who were crashing cars for a
    living few years ago…

  16. Energy \ MoDz™ says:

    Ahaha, Fousey’s reaction =D

  17. Omar says:

    Who else thinks roman is awesome?

  18. Switchy HiveSG says:

    ahahaha im dying ahhaah

  19. speed07 says:

    What CAR is that

  20. AtomicPukeGuy says:

    2:52 at 0.5 speed.

    You’re welcome.