Car vs. World’s Strongest Trampoline- Dropped from 150ft (44m)

Car vs. World’s Strongest Trampoline- Dropped from 150ft (44m)

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  1. Mark Rober says:

    I’m stoked to finally show what it was like working a ‘real job’ as a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years. This collab was so fun even if I could only understand what the guys were saying 25% of the time. Go watch their video and subscribe and show them some love!

  2. Fowwaz Da Pusheen says:

    6:30 The water balls s literally just floating in mid air…

  3. Billy da Boy says:

    Editor: how many slomo shots do you want? Mark: yes

  4. suit1337 says:

    me: mom, can i have a flying car?
    mom: we have a flying car at home
    flying car at home:

  5. Luke Ragland says:

    8:27 that’s one hell of a drone pilot

    • JaxRyz _3 says:

      JohnLemon actually I think that one was a drone, you can see it almost touch the ground in that scene, but around 5:00 when you see the 360 camera it only drops a little before stopping

    • Caleb Reetz says:

      It’s totally a 360 camera. You can see it go across camera angles as it rotates

    • Mudak The Multiplier says:

      It’s a 360 camera on a fishing pole, they show it on the How Rediculous video.

    • JohnLemon says:

      @JaxRyz _3 no it definitely was a 360° camera, you can really see the transitions between the angles. There was no drone, in none of the shots.

    • WHAT R U GEYR says:

      Isnt that the camera they’ve been dropping since the start of the vid?

  6. Schedy Jr says:

    “This is a car”

    Who wouldve guessed 🤔

  7. Eunice Kurniawan says:

    “honey, i’m buying another car,”
    “what for?”
    “it’s complicated,”

  8. 0 subscribers Yare Yare Daze says:

    3:06 who else thought that wasn’t edited

  9. Kicking a wall on sundAe says:

    “So I heard that you’re famous, what are some things i’d know you for?”
    Mark: Bouncing a car on a trampoline…..

  10. Quator says:

    6:43 Everybody gangsta till the balloons type /gamemode 1

  11. Xavier Wesley says:

    girls: they’re probably cheating on us right now

  12. AHMAD DABAKEH says:

    2017: Water Bottle Flip Challenge

    2020: Fliping and trying to land a car

  13. Abigail Seyfert says:

    “food is never wasted in science”
    **me, eating my 17th cookie**

  14. Alex says:

    “The Office” fakeout was so well edited i almost did a real spit take

  15. Ian Ford says:

    12:09 _”Yeah, valet, hurry. I need my car from the 5th level right now! (sigh)”_
    12:18 _”Your car is parked and waiting for you, sir. Have a pleasant drive home…”_

  16. Spicy Ramen says:

    6:44 that moment when it’s going so quickly even the water ballons can’t follow

  17. Source of Randomness says:

    Mom: “Go outside.”
    Kid: “Ok.”

    *A few hours later:*

  18. IMTHEDARKNIGHT - says:

    Math teacher: Mark has 20 watermelons
    Me: why would he need th- *oh I see*

  19. KEKW says:

    cartoon characters when they don’t look down before they fall:

  20. TheScronchofDeath says:

    Her: “i bet he’s cheating on me”

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