Cardboard Guitar!? (Dear Ryan)

Cardboard Guitar!? (Dear Ryan)

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36 Responses

  1. Paradox Productions says:

    Dear Ryan, cover BTS!

  2. Jet says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do a pushup with no hands

  3. Fati Zain says:

    Dear Ryan ,
    Can you dance fortnite dances ??!
    ( i know you cant dance ๐Ÿ˜‚ )

  4. Francisco Shibata says:

    Dear Ryan can you make one video about time loop pleases from Perรบ

  5. Can I reach 500 subscribers without a single video says:

    dear ryan can you eat a whole large pizza in 5 minutes??

  6. Fati Zain says:

    Dear Ryan ,
    Do the ” new rules ” music video ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. peachyjimin says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do a Ted Talk

  8. Stan the meme kings BTOB says:

    Dear Ryan, can you tell us how to live a dramatic life like those in movies.

  9. Ells May says:

    Dear Ryan, play the fluteeee

  10. Nepali Dudes says:

    Dear Ryan, Can u beat a world record???

  11. andrabi hn says:

    Dear ryan could u make a silent video interesting?

  12. Elize Mendez says:

    Dear Ryan do you personally think your channel is dying?

    (It was just a question I was curious since he doesn’t get as many views as before it wasnt as hate or to be mean I love this channel I was just curious if he thought that)

  13. Karrie- Chan024 says:

    Dear Ryan, can you make a Trailer or a parody of Detroit: Become Human ?

  14. Sage Alex says:

    Dear Ryan, can you be un-original?

  15. Punderful Things says:

    Dear Ryan, can you get even more talented?? You’re so diversely talented!

  16. Jasur SHARIPOV says:

    Dear Ryan make a lucid dreams song parody

  17. Fahim Muntasir says:

    Dear Ryan,do you play pubg?

  18. Jack West says:

    This is so cool


    Dear Ryan can you Dance like *Michael Jackson* with your team???

  20. Delilah Harter says:

    Dear Ryan, can you turn “make that big booty work” into something deep and meaningful?

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