Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! – Part 2

Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! – Part 2

Cardi B and Offset have officially called it quits after being married a year. Real fam, when you think back on your last breakup, how far into the relationship did you see red flags?

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85 Responses

  1. William Jean says:

    1 John 4: 8 ” Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

  2. Myronn Coleman says:

    All i know is… she should’ve seen the red flags before they got engaged , before they married and having a child ! He cheated on her before they got married , cheated on her while they were married… for me all it takes is Cheating is for me to BOUNCE ! Pay Attention to Your Intuition Ladies & Gents ! Wishing the best for the both of them and anyone who is going through a break up / divorce right now ! When you deserve better and KNOW you deserve better then act on that acknowledgement ♥️??

    • Marilyn Levi says:

      Book Bag oh ok

    • Being Jaz Marie & Family says:

      Yes I agree???

    • already8use says:

      she used him for fame – they wanted to be a celebrity couple!! hence the fake engagement

    • Muy Caliente says:

      Preach it hunney!!! Even in gf-bf relationship you get the red flags. And men will often tell you they don’t deserve you and that they’re a piece of ? you just gotta listen and trust that coz that’s the only thing they’re honest about ??? but then you learn from it and it’s an opportunity to learn your own worth and be a strong woman ?

    • Phillips Watson says:

      Muy Caliente ?

  3. Mariah Carey says:

    I remember Jeannie saying on previous seasons that when Freddie first proposed she still didn’t know if she wanted to get married but just said yes and that the first years of their marriage were really hard. Maybe that was a deep down intuition that she just blocked away because she loved him and thought she could make it work.

    • Mariah Carey says:

      Brit’nee Supernal yes I remember that!

    • Darnelly Daniels says:

      Danmm come to think or it I do remember her saying that !

    • Darnelly Daniels says:

      +Brit’nee Supernal true…

    • Tania Jennifer says:

      +Grisel Blanco I completely understand what you’re talking about. I’m 16 about to be 17 yrs in, with 4 Kids ( oldest 16, youngest 10). We’ve been together since we we’re 17. I’m not scared about being alone and I know he’ll always be a good father to our kids. I think it’s the fear of making the wrong choice and not realizing it till it’s to late. I watched my mom go through soo many relationships and none of them lasted longer than a couple of years. Then my father-in-law he basically left my mother-in-law after 23yrs for some chick, that only lasted a couple of years. His been alone for the last 15 yrs. And he always says that his biggest mistake was leaving his family.

  4. cameron alexander says:

    *NO WOMAN, MAN* _(whatever gender you identify as lmao)_ *DESERVES TO BE CHEATED ON AND DISRESPECTED AND MADE TO LOOK A FOOL.* i wish cardi the best, she is a strong independent woman and i know she’ll be okay!

  5. Cray May says:

    He said “y’all won” like we’re the ones who cheated on her lol.

  6. Humble Chiq says:

    I love this hair color on Adrienne!

  7. lilian makori says:

    If you look at the span of their relationship, this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Offset has been caught cheating multiple times on Cardi and being with some for a year then getting married and starting a family just isn’t smart. For Offset to post “Y’all won” under Cardi’s vidoe was wack. YOU cheated on your wife. Not us, don’t blame anyone but yourself for your shortcomings.

  8. Danielle Reid says:

    I’m so glad A said that she wants better for Cardi. Why would we want her to work it out with s serial cheater? The best interest of the child should prevail at this point

  9. Jenny Phelan says:

    He can’t really say, ppl won, with them getting a divorce.. because really it’s his actions causing whatever problem.

    • Alegria Corona-Saunders says:

      I so agree with this. I’m not saying that the public perception doesn’t affect people. But regardless of being famous or not, people need to take accountability for their actions and decisions.

    • sara siv says:

      He is a delusional narcissist in my book.

  10. Adrian Tippit says:

    I think the final rumor might have done it for Cardi. It’s only so much a person can take

  11. LumiereDarling says:

    I knew that Jeannie and Freddie’s marriage wasn’t going to work after they played that “cheating or naw” game. When she was saying that she doesn’t consider it cheating unless she catches him and when she said that she doesn’t mind him having a woman’s phone number if she knows he’s attracted to her. It kind of felt like she could take or leave her marriage at that point. Also in how they had such a long distance marriage. She treated it like they were boyfriend and girlfriend, not married. Maybe long distance marriage works for some people, but I had a feeling that Jeannie and Freddie’s marriage wasn’t going to work.

    • P Nicole says:

      Heck yea, ain’t NOBODY that’s in love and married gonna be THAT lenient on their spouse!

    • Monique Hart says:

      I don’t think long distance means the marriage won’t work. My high school teacher lives in Jamaica and her husband lives in Germany. She said she prefers it that way, just little visits. They have 3 kids together btw.

    • Phillips Watson says:

      Monique Hart ?

    • Autumn Summers says:

      I saw there were major problems, how she talked about it, it was like there was no love or respect, but I think he still love her. Either way I think it’s best for both of them, they weren’t well suited. Hope they both find happiness with others.

    • Phillips Watson says:

      Autumn Summers ?

  12. Robin Phillips says:

    No sayings “yall won” is him not taking responsibility for his auctions.

  13. ellimac2tru says:

    Jeannie, you’re a real one mama. I love you for always being so transparent and you have no idea how many you help by being so real (myself included??‍♀️).

  14. Reis World says:

    idk why people are in a hurry to get married in the first place. Most of my friends who got married are divorced now, remember just because you have a child doesn’t mean you need to be married. Just saying. I know people look down on that .

    • Amber Rechellè Polk says:

      Reis World I agree, slow and steady wins the race. I’m not advocating for going together for years before a proposal , but sand at least date 1-2 years .

    • Ivory Gilchrist says:

      They were married before she got pregnate

    • Rae Anthony says:

      Many people get married and have babies quickly because they want to post pics of their gorgeous wedding and impressive shower on social media to impress others.

    • Daniel Kirk says:

      Reis World That’s the same thing I said to myself. They behave as if marriage is gonna end. But I can tell some people do it just to showoff (they end up breaking up anyway), and some do it just to benefit each other (business wise), and others do it because they were forced. Either way, none of those lasts, I’ve seen it first hand.

    • Amieé Xo says:

      They were married before she fell pregnant!

  15. Wonita Christine Network says:

    Jeanie….you stayed for 10years ima need you to expand

  16. Amber Rechellè Polk says:

    So we act like …. off set wasn’t cheatin ….. but it’s the public’s fault … ????

  17. Marina Keza says:

    ?”yall won”??Honey ?YOU ?CHEATED ?on her?!!!! ?this ?is? YOUR? fault? not? the public’s?. #BoyBye?

  18. SharrellF says:

    She didn’t go off Bc she’s over it and she’s tired of it

    • Dridri1212 says:

      The calmness speak volumes!

    • Chinky C says:

      She said ithey tried and she wasn’t n love anymore so its news for us but its been over .She married him. If they are married she calls him baby daddy ..friend & business partner then later said divorce .Probably got married cause of the pregnancy and she was a new ass n the game people were blowing smoke about her being the it girl.

  19. Mani says:

    Cheating is not EXCUSABLE! Stop that crap Loni. Being famous is not an excuse, having money isn’t an excuse. If you wanted to be single shouldn’t of married her. Also it’s not a rumor him cheating is a FACT. There pics, videos, texts, hell Cardi beat up some girls because of it and said it herself he did. Also, that comment of him marrying her like he was doing her this big favor is messed up. Quite frankly they both grew from it because the only Migo anyone acknowledged before was Quavo (unless you were a fan) ??‍♀️

    • Sheron Medeiros says:

      Mani I 100% agree with you. It shouldn’t be about being rich, rapper, or famous. Either his mentality was that he wanted a partner to love and support him through hard and good times or he wasn’t there yet and just didn’t want genuine love and happiness which seems to be it . Nothing about a “lifestyle” and “tempting” this is all about character and morals .

    • Reginald Middleton says:

      I literally said that this was a come up for him!! Cardi was that break out star and his ugly behind needed a come up. Smh

    • Rebecca Jackson says:

      She’s not excusing it she’s being a realist . I’m a mother now and I’ve been almost married twice now and at the age of 24. When you’re that young nowadays with all the social media sites that pretty much throw naked women in your face every second, it’s soo easy to cheat. And at the end of the day everybody is tempted by lust, we are humans we are mammals we are naturally sexual human beings. You have to be mentally strong to deny men and woman. Offset is 26 and filthy rich I’m sure he has women throwing themselves st him all day every day.

    • Mrs. Hicks says:

      She is not lying. The more money, the more temptation. She’s not justifying. She’s speaking facts truth hurts. Not everybody is giving into temptation. It’s a few who become weak.

    • Reginald Middleton says:

      +Mrs. Hicks No she’s not lying, because they have easy access to everything and influential people as well making certain decisions and manipulating them into doing things…but when she’s talking about how nice and humble he is at a breast cancer awareness event…that has nothing to do with his infidelity at all. Plenty of cheaters are nice to strangers lol?

  20. Alex Sousa says:

    “Y´all won !” won what offset ???? what do you mean ? I wasn´t praying for your relationship to end. I got betther things to do.

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