Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]

Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]

Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]

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65 Responses

  1. Rits Nay says:

    I’m with songs and music so no matter where and from whomever it comes from ???

  2. Fuddyduddie1 says:

    Cardi killed that dance ??

  3. music USA says:

    That was amazing. Best performance she’s ever done!!! clapped back to prove she does have stage presence. Now she has to sort out the RICE, CHICKEN AND BEEF with Nicki Minaj and have a proper collaboration with just them two. They are both queens that are stopping EACH OTHERS BAGS !!move on!! how do y’all live with so much negativity sort it out TALK TO HER and make $CASH.STACKS$ #positivity #bardigang #latino

  4. Gaby Marquez says:

    Cardi on that bike at 2:05 ????

  5. Ronnie Smith says:

    Hottest performance since the 90’s?!!

  6. Sam dé Rothchild says:

    I hope this bunch get out and VOTE ??‍♂️ with all of their singing about clothes, shoes, bags, cars, Jewel, and $$$.

    • Kaliyah Bower says:

      Cardi always votes and from before fame she’s been using her platform to raise awareness him a lot of important issues in the world comma and she uses her platform to urge people to vote

    • Indya Simoné says:

      Sam dé Rothchild you know Cardi will, she always speaks about political problems

  7. Leonardo Souza says:

    AMOOOOOO essa música, amo o J Balvin e Cardi B ❤??❤??❤


    Bos Bony y j Alvin acá sí están nerviosos, por que están “cantando” ante verdaderos artistas, y no para una multitud de morros mecos.

  9. rip xxxtentacion says:

    *take a second to admire the support*

  10. mrcooldeadly85 says:

    She may use ghost writers but she’s a great performer, seem all that mess that Nicki was saying was a myth. Her career actually skyrocketed since the fight and the reason why ppl are starting to like her more because she’s more real the Nicki.

    • Danny jones says:

      mrcooldeadly85 you so rite and let’s be real she eva said all her songs someone else wrote…. but some of the greatest use other’sto write for them like Beyoncé etc!!’ That’s the only thing Nicki and fans can say??

    • Clifton Pharm says:

      +Takeru Takaishi most if not all big artist have some one to bounce ideas off and tell them what to write. They dont want to admit it definitely rappers. But they got them.

    • M Mac says:

      mrcooldeadly85 A great performer? She can’t dance, walks around with her ass out, recites a few incoherent words while performing a couple of standard stripper moves. Amazing talent!

    • Base Bentham says:

      mrcooldeadly85 She writes all of her music, she just has co-writers like every artist does. A ghost writers is someone who writes for you and you don’t give them any credit, cardi give her co-writers credit.

    • Autumn Thomas says:

      +nya and kearea like seriously, STOP IT. I agree with you.

  11. Jason Castro-Revoredo says:

    LMAOOOOO i aint even notice sis really strolled by on a bike ? 2:05

  12. ivan riobla says:

    Bad Bunny con la playera de Felix Trinidad vs Oscar De La Hoya de Sept.18, 1999 …. hahaha Uno de los mas grandes robos del boxeo, pero bueno aunque Oscar representaba también EU .. Puerto Rico jamás podrán superar el boxeo Mexicano. !

  13. jT says:

    We love a queen who rehearses performances & makes sure it’s entertaining to watch ?? unlike someone who can barely shake her ass, so stiff and screams “HEY” everytime she forgets her own lyrics ?? love me some Cardi, it’s so refreshing to have a new female rapper on the scene killing it. ?

    • Jamie Johnson says:

      Why MF gotta keep bringing up Nicki name when it come to cardi??? Get off Nicki cakes damn. You don’t like her then don’t she ain’t gone lose no damn money….. Focus on cardi and leave Nicki out of y’all mouth

    • jT says:

      Jamie Johnson “WhY a Mf gOtTa BrInG uP niCki wHen iT coMeS tO cArDi” CUZ THEYRE THE TWO ONLY SUCCESSFUL FEMALE RAPPERS RIGHT NOW. Of course everyone compares them. Sorry but Cardi is more interesting & a better performer & overall human being. ? she winning.

    • Base Bentham says:

      jT are you talking about mickie?

    • Blessd Nina says:

      So glad you mentioned Nicki’s lack of stage performance, that girl got all that ass and don’t know how to move it ??‍♀️

    • Aldo Stayhigh says:

      Base Bentham la micky manach

  14. Best Buddies says:

    3:26 is going to become a meme…I just know it…

  15. cristian loaiza says:

    No entiendo tantos comentarios diciendo que J Balvin estaba desafinado, que no sabe cantar, si en esta canción esta rapeando, para eso no se necesita la súper voz, rapeo bien y a la gente le gustó, por algo el gordito posty lo empezó a seguir y por otro lado Bad Bunny estuvo mal desde el principio cagandole las entrevistas a J Balvin, no se le entendió ni escucho, lo único que rompió fue los oídos de la gente jajajaja. Cardi B estuvo brutal ???

  16. imad mk says:

    offset there like that’s my wife

  17. ZNK TUBE says:

    1:53 *que nadie noto el ojo iluminatti en la cara de bad bunny? :”v*

  18. Fred Morris says:

    Cardi B just proved she is Superbowl ready. I was impressed. Much respect Cardi.

  19. Karen Ochoa says:

    No censuraron todas las malas palabras que cantó *BAD BUNNY* por que no saben *Español* ????

  20. Pretty Face says:

    I can’t hate cardi b did her thang with this performance sorry nicki

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