Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy

Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy

After months of rumors, Cardi B confirmed she’s pregnant this weekend on “Saturday Night Live”.

Then, Kenya Moore threw shade at Marlo on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” before confirming her pregnancy.

Plus, Brooke Burke filed for divorce from her husband David Charvet after seven years of marriage.

Wendy spills the tea in Hot Topics.

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100 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    I love when Cardi says Okurrr lol

  2. Sheila Dav says:

    Cardi was gorgeous with her little bump. Glad she’s finally free!

  3. Abena Owusu says:

    Congrats to Cardi 💘💘 let’s just hope from now on Offset can keep his peen in his pants 🙄

  4. MissIToldYou Sooo says:

    I’m too early! I need time stamps😭😭😭 Edit: ( I skip the stories I have no interest in )

  5. Kam Yoncé says:

    Ill eat crow with wendy again if cardi and upset make it down the aisle

  6. Biggie Talls says:

    2:19 – Cardi B Pregnant!
    5:14 – RHOA Reunion Recap
    14:59 – Charvets Split!
    19:05 – Mothers Day Idea
    20:12 – Long Island Medium Drama!
    22:56 – Elizabeth Hurley Slammed!

    #HowYallDoin 😇☕️

  7. cameron Alexander says:

    miss Wendy called it w the announcement on SNL

  8. Franskie Salif says:

    you have to admit, all of Marlo’s mugshots were beautiful.😉👍

  9. Fanta Kane says:

    Im happy for Cardi and I actually liked her album. I hope her and her baby the best💜 and I’m dying at Marlon’s comment😩😂

  10. What's the Frequency says:

    I think Wendy is really trying to get herself together. She looks healthy. Maybe she has an escape plan ready to exit her busted marriage.

  11. xVvix xnNix says:

    I dont think kenya is prego she prolly has a surrogate or shes adopting

  12. Leggs says:

    Cardi B owes Tami Roman an apology.

  13. Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD says:

    Wendy is looking fabulous in this color. I’m pretty obsessed with velvet.

    Cardi’s performance was beautiful! My favorite song off her album is “I Like It.”

  14. cameron Alexander says:

    can we talk…
    *offset is still gonna cheat and have atleast 2 more baby mamas before the end of the year..*

    that’s all.

  15. VEEKA&KIDS _LIFE says:

    I bet that white gown means she’s married too

  16. Amanda says:

    I see nothing wrong with Elizabeth Hurley’s dress. I wanna look like her when Im 50!! Work it girl!

  17. Amma Appiah says:

    Combos are old skool. I didn’t know they still made those.

  18. Amma Appiah says:

    So Marlo’s an escort?

  19. Marie Moore says:


  20. OurLittleSecretYT says:

    Omg I can’t even remember the last time I had Combos 😍

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