Cardi B Has Butterflies in Her Stomach & Where?! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

Cardi B Has Butterflies in Her Stomach & Where?! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

The “Motor Sport” rapper opens up about being nervous and speaking her mind at the 2018 Grammys. Plus, is Cardi ready to clear up any rumors?

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Cardi B Has Butterflies in Her Stomach & Where?! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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41 Responses

  1. mzunique22 says:

    she does too much…good to be outspoken and her personality is great but she needs to turn it off in different situations

  2. Kee Williams says:

    She looks Gorgeous 😻

    • Charles Claybrooks says:

      Lol… Cardi B, the rapper who glorifies prostitution, slut behavior, and violence. Then the dumb bitch is engaged to a criminal. Smh

    • Leikela Shuff says:

      She does the the person interviewin her is bad 😒

    • Kee Williams says:

      Nancy Fischer. She looks pretty. I mean the dress not the best but I see her come up lol

    • Musical Life says:

      Someone please tell me, where am I ?
      Someone please tell me, my destination.

      Is my way right or is it wrong ?
      Should I start my journey or should i not ?

      I am afraid of my dreams, they may ruin me.
      I am afraid of my be-loves, they may betray me.

      Am I moon or am I stain ?
      Am I Ashes or am I flames ?
      Am I drop of am I wave ?
      Am I peace or am I war ?

      Someone please tell me, who am I ?
      Why am I ? What am I ? Who am I ?

      Do I believe in myself or don’t I ?
      Am I or am I not, does it matter ?

      On whose shoulder should I cry, it I’m heart-broken ?
      For whom should I look in the way, If I’m lost somewhere ?

      Am I moon or am I stain ?
      Am I Ashes or am I flames ?
      Am I drop of am I wave ?
      Am I peace or am I war ?

      Who am I ….. ?


  3. Ronesha Holloway says:

    She’s so cutsie, lolol

  4. zaray rucker says:

    she so goofy and lot love her

  5. kreme says:

    she has such a sweet and infectious personality and energy. it’s crazy because she’s funny and doesn’t even know, to the point where it intimidates interviewers.

    • 2ND BLOCK 66 A.W.O.L says:

      Sonya Better that’s a very baseless argument.
      In this day and age ur child spends more time on social media than they do with parents n dats by design.
      Most parents especially black spend most of there time at work trying to make money to keep food in there child’s stomach.
      Black people really are there own worst enemy

    • HAZZARD says:

      kreme yes let’s idolize the stripper who glorifies being ho. What a role model

    • Shay says:

      kreme did you watch Love & Hip Hop… she’s really aggressive and violent. NOT A ROLE MODEL!

    • Sarah Simmons says:

      +HAZZARD says you who watched the vid of cardi😂😂😂your one of them haters that secretly watches her moves😏

  6. deanna cia says:

    Was wrong with cardi she acting weird 🤔 am I the only one getting that vibe the look in her eyes 🤔

  7. NiNeR eMpIrE DeSeRt WeSt says:

    I love her ❤️

  8. orion mcgee says:

    Its on sight with her

  9. Natheera Misrole says:

    her makeup is beautiful💓

  10. renaee morgan says:


  11. kinda delicious says:

    I love her. I hope she don’t get caught up and lose herself. She’s perfect how she is.

  12. Baby M says:

    She looks really pretty. Hennessy ass back there trying to get on camera lol

  13. renaee morgan says:

    Her sister is gorgeous😍😍😍

  14. Wendy Ramirez says:

    “Okay but are you gonna pass me”😂😂

  15. J Ortega says:

    Wow look at that Ring

  16. Michael Swadberg jr says:

    It’s like the entertainment and media want the black youth to be as dumb as possible

  17. JustKay143 says:

    You know what’s crazy, Jennifer Lawrence can act weird n crazy & is praised for it. But Cardi always gets hate 🤔 believe it or not she’s not only funny to some but some actually relate to her!

  18. Maximis Murillo says:

    she is my hero 😚😚😚😚

  19. Sytalanoaiaigavasa Hansell says:

    The girl on the right in the back 😂😂😂😂

  20. Layla says:

    This interview was actually awkward at the beginning

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