Cardi B Mac Miller Grammy Controversy, Childish Gambino, Balcony Becky, Crisis in Washington & More

Cardi B Mac Miller Grammy Controversy, Childish Gambino, Balcony Becky, Crisis in Washington & More

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Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Daniela Barhanna, Maddie Crichton
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92 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    psssssst. hi. 😉
    Balcony Becky (00:06), Grammys (1:43), TIA (6:05), Michelle Carter Update (7:56), Anti-Vax Protest in Washington (8:59)

  2. Charlotte Lewis says:

    I’m tired of anti-vaccers using autism as an argument. I have a friend who is on the spectrum, and is he dying or have a bunch of diseases he can’t cure? No, he’s a high functioning person that has come a long way socially. Just because someone has autism, does not mean it’s the end of the world, or that they’re anything less than human.

    • Nay Nay says:

      +majestic microbes There have been 8 measles deaths since 2005 in USA alone. Don’t spread misinformation.

    • majestic microbes says:

      Nay Nay I see that you’re correct. But it’s still so minor, and it’s proven that the vaccine strain causes encephalitis MORE OFTEN than wild type measles. They’ve started testing infected children, and they’ve found that about half the time, kids haven’t contracted wild measles, they’ve contracted the vaccine strain. They look and act the same. In order to find out which one a child has caught, doctors have to study the genetic nature of the virus itself. So now we have 2 kinds of measles going around, and the vaccine strain causes encephalopathy more often than the wild strain. Encephalitis is what kills, not measles itself. Again, this is all acknowledged by peer reviewed studies, performed more often than not by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

    • majestic microbes says:

      Nay Nay clearly the vaccine strain is more dangerous for the autoimmune and infants, and they’re the ones who are more likely to die when infected. I’d rather have a measles that’s present and causes encephalitis less, than a strain that is spreading silently through recently vaccinated children, and causes encephalitis more. I’m pro vaccine, but I want the best vaccines, and so I’m not willfully blind. Measles is also the only vaccine that doesn’t fully stop infection of those who’ve been vaccinated. It’s flawed, and it won’t get fixed if we don’t learn about it and speak up. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Have a nice day.

    • Nay Nay says:

      +majestic microbes Encephalitis is brain swelling caused by measles, it’s not a separate form of measles. The best way to prevent it is to get vaccinated.

    • Retrofit_Millennial says:

      I’ve read some pretty compelling thesis’ on Autism being the closest thing to natural super powers. Ie: Photogenic memories, numberphiles, ect.

  3. Jessie E says:

    Jennifer Lopez is 100% right. All races should be free to sing whatever style of music they feel like. Appreciate the beginnings of music, of course, but don’t limit it.

    • David Boucard says:

      What part of appreciating Motown involves wearing a sequined leotard and dancing salsa onstage? It was a terrible tribute, not because she isn’t black, but because her tribute had nothing to do with Motown.

    • lunayen says:

      Well let’s hope she and other Latinos keep this same enthusiasm when it’s time to nominate an Asian or a foreign black person to pay tribute to mariachi. They already have trouble with black Latinos being at the forefront of any kind of music.

    • Ife Uchime says:

      David has a point. Her performance was great but it had nothing to do with Motown.

    • Zero Todona says:

      lunayen it’s because they hate black people or do you think it’s whites who hate blacks? Cause I see more racism between the black and Latino community in CA.

  4. Charlie C says:

    Fact: If a famous person dies their work isn’t suddenly elevated to a level higher than that prior to their suicide.

    Mac Miller was good, but no one was crying for him to win a grammy until after his death.


    I hate hearing Cardi B talk.

  6. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    As someone with Autism I can say I’d much rather have it than measles

    • lugiasean19 says:

      Mr Real – honest and loyal I’ll give you that for sure but we’re not talking about an alternate race of humans here it’s just a disability, a disability that no one chooses to have. If there was a cure I’m pretty everyone would take it, if not then that’s fine too they could choose to stay autistic. I have nothing against autistic people just autism itself. Kinda like no one hates cancer patients just cancer. Ok? Then again if everyone in the world was autistic maybe it would be a better place.

    • Mr Real says:

      lugiasean19 Well I’m an advocate for ASDers , one that mocks neurotypicals in all their sheer…

      It’s all about perspective. I’ll say that much. If I would of grew up diagnosed vs adult…

    • rustzz8 says:

      You act like Autism is a disease, It’s not but measles are.

    • lugiasean19 says:

      rustzz8 you act like measles is the plague or the Spanish flu bruh. You get sick you get better. Autism is a disorder or a disability and is permanent. If you had low functioning autism and there was a cure but that cure was contracting the measles would you do it? Maybe someone should do a poll on here because I’m pretty sure I would under those circumstances but y’all can do your own thing I suppose.

    • lugiasean19 says:

      Mr Real – okay

  7. DJ Disciple says:

    Anti-vaccers should form a colony in a far away countryside where they can live and be happy without being an infection to other people. Quarantine them off.

  8. Daniel Clark-hughes says:

    Anti vaxxers are criminals, it’s child abuse.

    • Retrofit_Millennial says:

      +snowydaysalways This another product of misinformation or people just creating their own information. On both sides of the argument. The top comments at you seemed to be informed… but I learnt more in a 2 second google search. Measles vaccine has about a 95% protection rate. There’s still about 5% chance that even vaccinated, you can still contract measles. So its a product of probability. If only the auto immune deficient in your school aren’t vaccinated, you’re rolling the Measles die less. Also because I’d assume those auto immune deficient people would also have a more serious impact from Measles faster and sooner, requiring them to stay home or hospitalized. Because Measles is a virus, it stays alive by infecting host cells. So its best form of transportation is through living bodies. It has a vastly lesser life expectancy outside the body then bacteria. The more people that aren’t vaccinated, the more people who easily contract it and transport it around, the more vaccinated people roll against the 95%. And with probability, we known that something bound to happen, will.

    • Prashant says:

      +Wesade thats what pro abortion ppl say when they want to kill babies. Dont tell me ur also pro baby murder

    • Anthony Vazquez says:

      I only had 10 shots from 1986 to 1990 and ive never been sick i got a cold here and there but now kids need like 72 shots before they hit 1st grade it seems a lot i understand the MMR and tetanus and polio but the rest seem extreme…

    • linkinmetalica says:

      imagine someone who’s never studied medicine or done research in medicine deciding for their children that their opinions are facts. How horrifying!

    • lucky mina says:

      +snowydaysalways no thats not how herd immunity works, as the video stated. Also if I kick a door once and it does not come down thats heard immunity less chance of the illness spreading and attacking, if I keep kicking until the door breaks that one person with a vaccine in an anti-vax community, you built the door but you just get bombarded with attack after attack the door eventually fails. Vaccines STOP the attack.

  9. Cerberus says:

    Great point, if my child cannot have a peanut butter sandwich at school due to the safety of others then why can anti vaxxers send their child to the same school as my children where they are putting my kids and others at risk.

    • Avrysatos says:

      +Cerberus my state does not allow for personal belief exemptions for school attendence and vaccines. religious exemption must sign a court document and medical is of course allowed. our rates are around 97% for MMR last I checked like one or two years ago. guess what? we don’t have measles here.

    • Cerberus says:

      +Avrysatos love it!!

    • Avrysatos says:

      +Cerberus no one really protests it here either.

    • Michayla Lawrence says:

      Cerberus they probably live in Canada because every school I’ve been to doesn’t allow unvaccinated kids in school up to high school although I haven’t looked it up :p I get so surprised when I hear about anti-vaxx and that some kids still got to school. I missed the week the nurses came in to give the tetanus shots and I almost got kicked out until I got it. Thankfully my mom made me get them immediately:p

    • Cerberus says:

      +Michayla Lawrence Here in Australia our schools cannot discriminate against any child regardless of their vaccination status unfortunately. Only day cares/ pre schools can discriminate on vaccination status. I have no idea why this isnt passed onto our primary (year 1 to year 6) and high schools (year 7 to year 12). Sounds like Canada has the right idea. ?

  10. ircoming says:

    not vaccinating your child is a choice.. BUT if they die or cause other children to die due to the lack of vaccine.. then you should get 5-10 years in prison..
    it is a personal thought .. hopefully, this idiotic move just fade away.

    • Nicole A. says:

      There’s no way to prove that they made other children die. Its not worth risking herd immunity for individual freedom. Not vaccinating your child is child abuse.

    • coreyh55 says:

      So if i can prove that your vaccinated child carried a virus to a non vaccinated child. and that non vaccinated child died. can you sit in prison for 5-10 years?

    • whomadeyousmiletoday says:

      coreyh55 ‘due to a lack of vaccine’ the person that hadn’t vaccinated their child would be punished

    • coreyh55 says:

      +whomadeyousmiletoday No. your missing it. vaccinated children can carry disease. but be asymptomatic. because they are protected. they could cause the death of an unvaccinated child. does the parent of the vaccinated child who caused the death of the unvaccinated child get the same treatment that you want to give the parent of the unvaccinated child for causing the death of another unvaccinated child? because forcing a one ended stupid law like this has already cause lots of problems here in America.

    • whomadeyousmiletoday says:

      coreyh55 I’m not missing it. I’m explaining how the comment was worded and how it suggests that parents of unvaccinated children would be punished since they’ve had the chance to vaccinate (above a certain age as per medical recommendations). It’s common knowledge that vaccinated children can carry disease & if you look at my earlier comment you’ll see I also think a law like that would be ineffective. But thanks for trying to explain. The original comment clearly focused on the parent that won’t vaccinate.

  11. Lonely Joe says:

    We need to pass a law that says that if an unvaccinated child dies bc of lack of vaccines, parents get a jail time for child murder

    • Lonely Joe says:

      +Zero Todona really, which religion?
      Definitely not Islam bc I’m a Muslim and I know my parents (who are Muslim too) would kill me if I don’t vaccinate my kids

    • MurphyStewartPK says:

      Let people live how they wanna live

    • Lonely Joe says:

      +MurphyStewartPK not when their lifestyle put other people’s life in danger bc of something as idiotic as not believing in basic science

    • Stefan Stadler says:

      +Zero Todona that’s bullshit. In not a single religion is a rule stated that they shouldn’t be able to use vaccines. I’m a Christian and I’m vaccinated, OP is a Muslim and is vaccinated and I would dare to say that most anti-vaxxers are not religious

    • verifiedmartian says:

      Not murder but maybe causing death through negligence

  12. AnomalyINC says:

    I am autistic. I got the ’tism. Your friendly neighborhood sperg.
    I can honestly say it beats being dead. By a long shot.

    If people really think vaccines cause autism, they can rest assured that there are worse things out there than having a cringey, awkward kid. Like having a dead one.

    Seriously, these dingleberries are more retarded than I am.

  13. K. S. says:

    It’s intensely insulting to hear people arguing against vaccines because it ‘might cause autism’, as if having autism is the most terrible thing on the planet. I’ve not only known tons of amazing people with autism and aspergers, but I’m on the spectrum myself, and i’m sick on antivaxers coming across like they would rather have a dead child than a child like me

    • Sunni Fargo says:

      It’s just hatred on their part. They can’t accept their child was born with the neurological disorder and need an excuse for it, or are so afraid their child could have it they pretend they can’t if the scary vaccine doesn’t enter their body. Lack of knowledge of autism and this fear mongering of it is disgusting.

    • Amara Jordan says:

      Sunni Fargo It makes me think of how people claimed their kids were changlings, fairies in disguise, because they couldn’t understand how people of good standing would be “cursed” with a sickly kid or a developmentally challenged or autistic kid. Instead of that “shame” it was the fault of those pesky interfering fairies, and their REAL perfect baby was somewhere stolen in the woods, serving the fairy king’s court. They’d even beat the kids or let them starve because they didn’t recognize them as truly theirs. This went on until the early 1900s in some places.

      Fairies are out, so changlings aren’t really a thing. But vaccines on the other hand, those are newish and vulnerable to unsubstantiated claims….. hmmm.

    • Curtis Robison says:

      You’re misrepresenting the risk and so is anyone who is saying they are “on the spectrum”. What people want to prevent is the kind of autism that causes people to be more or less incapable of leading a normal life.

    • Sunni Fargo says:

      Curtis Robison no one is misrepresenting anything; other than those who say they don’t get vaccines because of their fear of their child “getting” autism. A vaccine doesn’t cause a neurological disorder that develops in utero – point blank.

    • Sunni Fargo says:

      Curtis Robison also wanna know who also wanted to eradicate the “less desirables”, Hitler with eugenics.

  14. Rhino Gaming says:

    Imagine being stupid enough to intentionally bring back a disease that has been almost wiped out for decades. Just imagine that.

    • Rowan says:

      It’d be ironic. The natives were wiped out by European settlers bringing measles over. The anti vaxxers will go the same way

    • Prashant says:

      Homosexuality is a disease that must also end

    • MaddFroggy says:

      +Prashant pleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatroll

    • Prashant says:

      +MaddFroggy it is a disease. Thats factual. There is no proof it isnt. If ur gay u can be my friend but u would be happier if u weren’t gay. So homosexuality should be cured

    • Samuel TV says:

      Prashant ? ?. Please inform me of your source behind this ridiculous claim

  15. Ricky Right says:

    Not the best idea for a bunch of people with kids that are not vaccinated to group up together in a area with a current outbreak.

    • Andrew Cleary says:

      Hopefully natural selection should deal with them.

    • The Irish farmer :) says:

      Andrew Cleary just about to say that

    • Subscribe to Pewdiepie says:

      But it’s not the kids fault their parents are idiots

    • Kelsey Nichols says:

      Subscribe to Pewdiepie there’s kids trying to find ways to get vaccinated without their parents permission now so hopefully these kids will realize their parents mistakes sooner than later.

    • !めぐみ says:

      Kelsey Nichols Well considering most of the are under 10, I don’t think they realize. They are just kids 🙁 I hope there is a way for them to get vaccinated but parents have control over medical stuff until 18 right?

  16. Saoirse Kelly Mahoney says:

    I’m autistic. I was vaccinated.
    My sister isn’t autistic. She was vaccinated.
    My brother is autistic. He was diagnosed before he got any vaccines.
    It’s almost like there’s.. no correlation.

  17. Syndrome of a Down says:

    Who the hell cares about the Grammys

  18. Jacob Carota says:

    I hate the argument “But no one even gets these diseases that we get vaccinated for so we don’t need them”. Literally the point of the vaccines.

  19. The Khani Project says:

    That hair instructional video needs to be a series. Phil’s the nee Bob Ross.

  20. Rico says:

    If you see this comment listen to Xavier White – Distance ???

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