Cardi B on Her Ruby Nipples and Feminism-Inspired Dress | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

Cardi B on Her Ruby Nipples and Feminism-Inspired Dress | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

Cardi B talks with Liza Koshy about what she believes “camp” is, her daughter Kulture, and her female-form inspired Met Gala dress.

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Cardi B on Her Ruby Nipples and Feminism-Inspired Dress | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

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81 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Cardi looks like one of those Vegas girls

  2. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    “culture is in the hood” – cardi b

    • Humanitarian Harjot says:

      +Oussama Zahri I don’t hate anyone, especially a religion. Hate is a dangerous word. I’m studying Islam here and there there are things I have questions about, but hating a specific religion would be a stupid thing to do …and even inhumane. I only dislike unaware souls. Thanks for understanding.

    • Oussama Zahri says:

      +Humanitarian Harjot your welcome ,and i’m sorry if i got you in a wrobg day , god bless u ?

    • shiloh goes says:

      Humanitarian Harjot Women in some countries are forced to wear it, but not all. Here it is a woman’s choice to wear the hijab and many of them are proud to wear it. Throughout history women have been forced to wear “modest” clothes, does that mean that it is wrong for a woman to choose to wear modest clothes in this day and age if she wants to?

  3. ScarlettP says:

    “Did you catch her laugh” Liza I can’t with her lmao

  4. GRAPE JELLI says:

    cardi is dressed like my period

  5. Christian James says:

    Cardi looked like the ketchup i spilled last week at McDonalds.

  6. Abigail Calderon says:


    Literary nobody:

    Cardi: I might have to sell one of my birkins back

  7. Meghna Massey says:

    Lookin’ like a bird reflectin’ feminism ?

  8. Mar Jan says:

    *Met Gala without Rihanna is nothing :(*

  9. Marvin Lovely says:

    “ I made cardi b laugh “ lmfao I fuckinn love Liza ????

  10. Clayton Ariana grande says:

    Omg Liza fake laughing at cardi trying to be funny ??

    • Mac says:

      Crackhead RALPH no saying Cardi B is funny is like saying Cardi B is unfunny. Many people agree lol

    • Joon - young says:

      Mac yes she is unfunny

    • Nicole Mcnamara says:

      Lizas laugh is just really fake sounding or idk she just always sounds fake asf

    • Whipcream With a Cherry on top says:

      +Дима Исупов Bro, wtf?

    • *.donan.* says:

      +Crackhead RALPH alsoo
      saying liza isnt funny is like saying laura lee isnt a snake, you may not be a fan of her but i don’t really blame you.

      her comedy humor is around 10-14, her comedy is child-friendly(sometime-), that’s why most of her fans are kids. her comedy isn’t for everyone lol.

      aNd alSo
      why do u think im a hater lol? me saying cardi isn’t funny doesn’t mean i’m a hater, lmaooo.

      i really like her music so take several seats thx

      *we still cool righ-*

  11. Kassie Sabourin says:

    Low key cardi made me feel uncomfortable for Liza ?

  12. Sharon Malone says:

    Dam they got CARDI LOOKING like a rooster with feathers ? the illuminati no better. ?

  13. Melanie 2 says:

    this is the expensive version of Manilla Luzon’s period pad dress ❤️

  14. Happy Person says:

    250,000 a piece???…… she better not change clothes around me. But yess.


    Why do I feel like she looks like my endometrial linning prior to my period.. ?

  16. Emilia Adejudge says:

    Y’all are saying she looks like a tampon, but honestly she looks like a bird, and Liza a duckling.

  17. Ale 16 says:

    “she brought laugh track too”??? oh we love liza

  18. French Vanilla says:

    Hello where are they???
    Blake Lively
    Sarah Jessica Parker

  19. Ellie Kenz says:

    Met gala made the best decision having lixa interview. Refreshing to actually see some people with personality

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