Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/6/21) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/6/21) | MLB Highlights

Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/6/21.

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52 Responses

  1. Yuhsss says:

    This game was so intense! Very close and well played to both teams!

  2. BE C says:

    The artful Dodgers earn win or go home game versus Cardinals. Can’t wait for them to face the Giants. Should be a good series.

    • Jack Son says:

      I think it’ll go all 5, but the Dodgers are going to have a slight advantage in that Scherzer would be lined up to pitch game 5!

    • Jack Son says:

      @davis young statistically best, because in the playoffs everything done in the regular season can be thrown out the window!

    • Issac Val says:

      @OGwarrior1776 there not in the post season

    • MooreGravy says:

      ​@Bitcoin Is Freedom Can you explain “on paper they can’t afford to keep any stars” please?

    • Chris L says:

      @Frank Dux my thoughts exactly. If all the Dodgers can muster is 3 runs a game the Giants will finish em off quick. This won’t even be a series. GO GIANTS!!

  3. Sports311 says:

    The Giants/Dodgers NLDS is gonna be one for the ages. It’s a rivalry unlike no other

    • jgfunk says:

      @kevin gregory it’s not the best in sports. It’s not even the best in baseball.

    • king lord says:

      Nots not better than Red Sox and Yankees stop smoking crack Giants will win 4-2

    • Damon says:

      @Tony R yeah, you do the honors of being that guy that doesn’t understand he’s wrong.

    • C Jammer says:

      @kevin gregory …
      Kev..some people don’t even know that both teams were born in NY..leaving the Yankees alone til the Mets came along. It’s a great rivalry. Like all rivalries
      …the main reason is hatred of each other. So…let the chips fall where they may…and let there be good games 1st and most important of all. # Go Dodgers

    • Apostle says:

      @jgfunk I agree because they never face each other in the playoff until 2021. Red Sox vs Yankess is still the greatest rivalry in Baseball with Cardinals vs Cubs.

  4. Kenny K. says:

    Dave Robert’s best game in his coaching career. Every move was spot on.

  5. Jayden says:

    Bellinger had a very underrated performance today. Glad to see him playing well.

  6. Purple &brown says:

    Not a Dodgers fan but what an ending and Chris Taylor scoring a 2 run Homer

  7. Dank Burrito says:

    What a season it was for St. Louis. Nice hard fought game. I thought if we held water with Scherzer we had a shot. Unfortunately it ended a different way than I had hoped. Congrats to the Dodgers. Thanks for a Great season St. Louis Cardinals.

    • fanelaa shizumi says:


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    • Randall Holden says:

      As a Dodgers fan and a fan of baseball, I respect the quality of your team. I hate that they had to play a win or go home game. They are better than the Braves I think and yet they get to play a full series. I understand why, but just don’t agree with it. You are correct, your Cardinals played a great season…

    • Jack Son says:

      @Randall Holden they are definitely better than the Braves- look at the Braves record, if the Cardinals were in the East, they’d have won that division over the Braves! Instead, because the Brewers won 95, the Cardinals are Wild Cards, just like the Dodgers who won an insane 106 games, but not the division!

    • D. Natrop says:

      Too close for comfort and really anyone’s game. It was just waiting for that one knockout blow from either side. As a Dodger I’m glad Taylor was the one eventually.

  8. Bryce Greenstein says:

    The energy at DS after the Jansen strikeout of O’Neil was nuts. And then the CT3 walk off…this is what October baseball is all about

    • ShaneyneReneyne says:

      @Om More clearly never been to a Dodger game.. 😂 we loooud

    • ChickenFriedLasagna says:

      Do you have to be vaccinated to get into Dodger stadium?

    • Cole Barrick says:

      Umps calling strikes for yall but not for us. Obviously biased umping

    • Clayton Lockhart says:

      @Cole Barrick dude, gtfoh with that nonsense. Wainwright was getting calls that weren’t even close to the strike zone all night long. The Dodgers just beat the Cardinals fair and square and showed exactly why they are one of the two best teams in baseball. GO DODGERS!!!!!

    • Apostle says:

      The National media won’t admit it but clearly Baseball is the # 1 sport in LA

  9. TheHuskyK9 says:

    Am I the only one that think it’s crazy that the Dodgers and Giants have *never* faced off against each other in the playoffs? It’s gonna be a good series, I can’t wait!!

    • Anon647 says:

      it’s not that crazy if you really think about it. Before 1969 there were no divisions, so the team with the best record in each league went straight to the world series.
      Then when divisions were created in 1969 there was only east and west and the giants and dodgers were both in the west and only division winners made it to the playoffs.
      It wasnt until 1995 that MLB created the wild card (it was only 1 at the time) and central divisions that it was even possible for giants and dodgers to face off in the playoffs. Even then it was still difficult because at the time MLB rules stated two teams of the same division couldnt face off in the LDS regardless of seeding. For example in 2004, the Cardinals had the best record in the NL and the astros won the NL wild card. They did not face each other in the NLDS because of this rule and instead faced each other in the NLCS. So for a Dodgers-Giants NLCS to happen one of them had to win the wild card and both had to win the NLDS.

      In 2012 with the addition of the 2nd wild card MLB decided that teams of the same division could face off in the LDS. Which is how we got here.

      So there’s only really been 26 seasons where each team had a chance to face each other in the playoffs, and since then rarely has it happened that both teams are good at the same time.

    • Pedro Flores says:

      They met pre-MLB. In 1889 for the Championship. That’s how far back the beef between both teams goes.

    • Nitro_001 Newman says:

      @Anon647 The first paragraph is to long (English teacher). ✍️

    • Matthew Forbes says:

      Before the wild card game era the only scenario could’ve been both teams meeting in the NLCS. Teams in the same division could not face each other in the division series from 1995-2012, if the seeds lined up that way they would change around the matchups. Before ‘95 it wasn’t possible w/o a wild card.

    • Jack Son says:

      @Davan Mani they mean the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants.

  10. Tim Nigma says:

    As a Giants fan, I wouldn’t want it any other way — the best two teams in baseball facing off in the NLDS… Can’t wait, gonna be epic!!

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