Cardinals vs. Rams Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

Cardinals vs. Rams Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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37 Responses

  1. AH Mtar says:

    From “legit Super Bowl contenders” to “first round exits” Arizona downfall 😞

  2. Nishio Shigure says:

    Everything that could go wrong, went wrong for Cardinals. Great display by Rams.

  3. KiKi W says:

    That Bucs vs Rams game is going to feel like a super bowl instead of a playoff game we should all anticipate an high scoring entertaining game

  4. Isaac Colyar says:

    Been a believer in Stafford for a looong time. Glad to see him finding success with a better supporting cast. Good on him; even though its got to be the Rams Im still happy for him! -A Seahawks fan.

  5. Condemned Saiyan says:

    Stafford finally getting his due. In no way a rams fan but been watching Stafford a long time and his first year away from Detroit look what he’s done

  6. Johndoe Rodriguez says:

    As a Life long Giants fan I can say I miss OBJ I’m happy for him Thoe glad he’s balling out …. #13 , #3 always comes too play & I can see he appreciates his teammates for real …

  7. Chuckmuchingo says:

    Matt Stafford is a classy guy. Respectful to the Lions, and now showing what he can do within a top level franchise

    • tomitstube says:

      stafford “classy”? he and his wife are just another of these *clueless* right-wing, religious-nut, idiots, stafford said “police brutality, white privilege, and racism, are not political.” all this to dis colin kaepernick and kneeling, stafford is your *typical right wing fascist conformist.* the only time it’s “political” is if the left does. class my ass.

    • DGS says:

      @Michael Jimenez funny how Rams have beat the Buccs the last couple of times they’ve played them.

    • DGS says:

      @Gaming Chair 200+ yards, 2 TD throws and rushed for a TD, no pics, no mistakes. I’d say he did pretty good. What more could you ask for?

    • always have faith says:

      @Gaming Chair luckily,the Rams D line didn’t let em,and yes run the damn ball helps Stafford a lot throwing only when he had too.

    • Oh No Bro says:

      @Michael Jimenez y’all Bucs fans are acting awfully cocky

  8. matt plotzke says:

    As A life time lions fan, congratulations to Matthew Stafford to his first playoff win!!!!!!!

  9. Best Bros Studios says:

    Finally a playoff win for Matthew Stafford! He deserves it!

  10. samuel arsenault says:

    Rams came on the field with an unmatched energy

    • Nka Nova says:

      The Rams showed out. Very surprised to see them play so well against the cardinals.

    • Jeff S says:

      True, but the Cardinals forgot to get to the field. They played like they never played football before. Throws in the dirt, dropped passes….it was truly a pathetic display all around. I’m not sure what happened to the Cardinals, but that wasn’t a playoff team….not to take anything away from the Rams, but the Jaguars win that game in easy fashion. That was a 1-16 team that showed up last night.

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