Cargo ship bursts into flames off the coast of Georgia

Cargo ship bursts into flames off the coast of Georgia

Four crew members from the ship are still missing and the Coast Guard has deployed helicopters and boat crews to assist in the search.

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  1. fairday2 says:

    Wow! This is so sad. I hope everyone is rescued. The tides are off right now, and a ship that size would be difficult to maneuver.

    • Robert Pillow Jr. says:

      @day6creation breathing what?? What the hell are you talking about bruh? Get the fuck outta here with that existential BS. Lol

    • Robert Pillow Jr. says:

      @Michelle Shields you got the nut job part right. Lol

    • Robert Pillow Jr. says:

      @Mary Nelson That’s right

    • fairday2 says:

      @Mary Nelson I am with you on this! This topic has nothing to do with religion, but maybe post hurricane currents that are not normal for this passage. This storm moved a lot of water. But, I follow the Bible. This topic is not to be religious, but worry for how the ship turned over so completely.

    • MatchesMalone says:

      Omg im giving u a like to end sadness

  2. Blackwood 5225 says:

    Praying for all of those involved.

    • Knight of Ren says:

      @ATHEIST nope, I’m not donating anything. Not because I’m cheap but because IM POOR. Lmao I got my dogs and my grandma to look after, I dont gotta respond to you but I will.

    • Lucky says:

      @MorbidManMusic God exists, he/she/it just doesn’t like you.

    • ATHEIST says:

      @Knight of Ren dogs huh you could prob sell them and use that money to make more money

    • Staying Sober says:


      I’m on his side. You are mistaking me for someone else…or you misread one of my comments.

    • Staying Sober says:


      I pray alone…I’m about to get it on right now

      And the humility I will gain from it will carry me through the day and I won’t have to use any hard drugs or any alcohol or any tobacco or look at women as only sex objects.

      Especially in the temptations…that’s where prayer becomes real for me…in the heat of the moment.

      (I write my own btw, so unless you know my words & intentions any criticism is simply contempt prior to investigation.

  3. Niklas Enblom says:

    God bless the Coast Guard and other responders! ????

  4. Chicano Enforcer Gaming says:


  5. Crystal Rose says:

    This seems to be a bad year for boat owners .

  6. Shadowghostgirl says:

    Hope they find the lost ones

  7. Mike Tayon says:

    Ballast pump failure? Improper ballasting period?

    • Private Colceri says:

      @Shoe Sole Not to be a pest but: “a pinky in a nose nostril.”
      Would probably better off as: “a pinky scratching up the left nostril” Indicating that the nostril is part of the nose isn’t really necessary.

      Quick bit of note worth adding related to the half-capsize, the ship actually struck a sandbar, which it is currently resting on. That’s why it seems to high out of the water.

    • Mike Tayon says:

      @Shoe Sole LOL thanks for the flowers! B-)

    • Mike Tayon says:

      Some great comments folks, i didn’t know or even think of the sandbar issue, but as for cargo shifting, that would be a hell if a lit of cargo and/or weight in one area wouldn’t it? Yikes! 🙁

    • Private Colceri says:

      @Mike Tayon Yeah, fortunately it capsized on top of the sandbar so it didn’t sink, and won’t as long as the tugboats keep pulling it on to the sandbar.

    • Mike Tayon says:

      @Private Colceri holy moly, what a nightmare!

  8. pippa rose says:

    What is going on with boats on fire lately? So sad….hope they can rescue the four others

    • pippa rose says:

      @James Murphy only trash like u wouldn’t find this situation sad… why are u even watching it….bc u have no life or friends and find joy in others pain and trolling people on the internet …Loser….

    • Seth Cooper says:

      @Kyle Laughinghouse drink your energy drink and relax KYLE.

    • gokarengo says:

      @Red Blue prior to this one and the diving boat last week, boats do catch on fire a lot and any of us morons can figure that out sir

  9. Ninja Skater says:

    U can’t Do Donuts with A Big Ship
    He was doing a Turn ?

  10. Brian Lawson says:

    That’s a lot of oil and diesel dumped into the ocean again

  11. Laced_ IntentionZ says:

    I would be more worried about how they capsized a ship instead of a little fire that started after the wreck

    • suprcrzy says:

      @Mind Wide Open – Sadly, there are so many “adults” that think everything is a conspiracy, it’s almost becoming second nature to expect them. I wonder if there were always this many lunatics out there, and we were just seperated from them, and then the internet came along and gave everyone a voice?

    • exoticnoise46636 says:

      @Cookies Fortune hahahaha, “foo”? What can he get? Your cookies? Haha

    • K Covington says:

      It Burst into flames on our news

    • Jaqen H'Ghar says:

      @Sarah Pickett oh my god not everything is a conspiracy… can you not see that the shore is literally right effing there!

  12. Flip Ya says:

    Just wait till that type of mishap happens to a cruise ship with 4,000 people on it

    • steph marie says:

      Flip Ya omg there’s goes my desire to go on a cruise☹️

    • Pancouver venguins says:

      Honestly a cruise isn’t all that exiting anyways, the places you stop are cool but the actual cruise is ok at best. I went on a five day cruise to Cabo and we only got to leave the ship for like six hour in Cabo so it was five days stuck in one floating Vegas hotel pretty much lol. I’d much wrather go to Vegas because at least you can go to do different stuff, a cruise is like picking one hotel in Vegas and being stuck their for your whole trip, you see everything on the ship the first two days and the rest you’re just waiting to get back home lmao.

    • Edward Akin says:

      Alright I’ll just wait

    • AVERAGE JOE says:

      @Pancouver venguins great explanation!…….i always wanted to know the real scoop about cruises so thanks!

    • Ronnie Day says:

      @Derrion Brumfield curious, how exactly will euros do that?

  13. Sal Vastola says:

    Hoovie or Sarnac going to be picking up a slightly water damaged project car.

  14. srami004 says:

    Prior to this segment, there was an ad for a boat club.

  15. Kristin Gallo says:

    Well drowning in a fire is one crazy way to go.

  16. Mz Nurú says:

    That ship loss its center of gravity probably due to user error.

  17. Black says:

    And this is why you don’t attempt the reverse 720 tailspin above 15 knots

  18. NPC #303 says:

    “Listing heavily onto its side”
    *Shows pic of it completely sideways.*

  19. Nate Rager says:

    Amazon: your package is still on the way but may be slightly delayed.

  20. alwaysuseless says:

    Off the coast of the *state* of Georgia, not the *country* Georgia.

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