Carla and Molly Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Cheese | Making Perfect: Episode 3 | Bon Appétit

Carla and Molly Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Cheese | Making Perfect: Episode 3 | Bon Appétit

It’s episode three of ‘Making Perfect,’ and this one is all about cheese. The search for cheesy perfection takes Carla and Molly all the way to Italy to learn about how buffalo mozzarella is made. Can Carla and Molly match Claire’s perfect pizza dough and sauce boys Brad and Andy perfect pizza sauce?

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Carla and Molly Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Cheese | Making Perfect: Episode 3 | Bon Appétit

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49 Responses

  1. ObesePuppies says:

    Really cool to see carla and Shardy McShardison making pizza

  2. Wolf Dolf says:

    Saw a comment suggesting this and just had to ask… CAN WE GET THE DOUGH SENSED FEAR MERCH?!

  3. Krystian says:

    We need more videos of the BA crew getting drunk

    Holy moly can we get a drunk cooking series from BA?

  4. gnarly says:

    had to check my eyes to make sure the video is actually 50 MINUTES?! woah ba went all out

  5. TLL555 says:

    I CANNOT believe “the dough senses fear” is catching on THIS MUCH

  6. Carla Music says:

    Raise your hand if you know the difference between a buffalo and a cow. Or is it cattle? Wait, which one is cattle? Ah jeeeez…

    • Nasser AlSaadi says:

      I thought buffalo has to do with chicken wings!

    • Caleb Abraira says:

      +Dustin Clark bison and buffalo are the same. But depends on the part of the world it is from. If from the US, then it’s buffalo, if from the continent Africa, then it’s bison, or viceversa I don’t remember.

    • Caleb Abraira says:

      +ArgentAbendAzure Yeah, or they are different breeds

    • Daniel Catallo says:

      I hope you kept your distance when Molly cut the cheese.

    • TheClearwall says:

      I knew it as soon as yall started talking about it. A “cow” is just the female. A bull is the male. BTW, squares and rectangles are both QUADRILATERALS

  7. zippy zappa zeppo zorba zoolander says:

    36:23 Carla: we made a mozzarella baby!
    Molly: what should we name it?

  8. Yomidopidop says:

    This was honestly the best thing I’ve ever watched from BA (and I watch all their videos religiously). Perfect from start to finish. Incredible journey.
    Also 11:17 had me in tears. And 35:10 too but for different reasons.
    Carla & Molly are EVERYTHING!

  9. Lili Do says:

    Do I have to go to work tomorrow ? Yes
    Do I have to wake uo early ? Yes
    Will I watch a 50 minutes video on how to make pizza cheese juste because of Carla and Molly ? Totally

  10. KY L says:

    Everyone sought after Chri’s approval in every single episode. And now, the Cheez Queenz finally got a “well done” from him, they truly earned it!

    • Giovana Marcella says:

      what a group! Cheez Queenz and Sauce Boys

    • recoil53 says:

      Chris – final arbiter of taste at BA.
      I actually think this all would have gone smoother if it were just a Chris Morocco project.

    • John Smith says:

      +recoil53 Chris just oozes that “knows what he’s doing” vibe and I love it.

    • wwaxwork says:

      +John Smith I suspect he oozes it because he knows what he’s doing. He’ also seems super articulate in being able to explain flavors & how they work together.

  11. Seek & Wander says:

    God, this series is giving me so much life. I wanna be friends with the whole BA team.

  12. Chelsea Chin says:

    *when you realize it’s 12 am and you just spent **50:39** watching someone make cheese*

  13. Belle Stewart LVT says:

    Lol I was dying at how punchy they were becoming from being so tired!! There were trying so hard to make the mozzerella that first day ?

  14. Catherine Gibbard says:

    I love when Molly and Carla hit that so-exhausted-everything-is-fkn-hilarious moment with their “fior di bufala” moment

  15. Ashley says:

    Im getting such cabin fever vibes from the second half of this video. Did they let you guys out to see the sun??

  16. Joanna Shi says:

    Claire: Consults dough makers on how to make the best dough
    Carla & Molly: Consults cheese makers on how to make the best cheese
    Brad & Andy: Canned tomatoes FTW ? lol

    • Joanna Shi says:

      +Chucky chuck Hahaha no, but maybe speak with a sauce making company or a pizza chef to walk through how they make their pizza sauce? ? lol love them though

    • Jason Carson says:

      +Joanna Shi technically Andy and Brad did consult pizza chefs about their sauce, but they were so tight-lipped about their saucy secrets that Andy and Brad had to figure it out for themselves.

    • Kandeel I says:

      +Jason Carson they literally tried to get stuff our of ppl with anonymous phone calls…while it was funny, thats not consultation in the same way that claire, carla, and molly did it!

    • suchdoge says:

      +Kandeel I You do realise that because they are well known food personalities people will lie to them anyway right?

    • Luis Pittairline says:

      But tbh I found the sauce episode really funny if not as informative. And what were they supposed to do anyways ?

  17. Duncan says:

    “The dough can sense your fear” has become the shows tagline at this point

  18. Jacob Dobner says:

    This is perhaps the finest thing I’ve ever watched on youtube. Carla and Molly enjoyed each other’s company so purely while they experienced the same roller coaster of emotions. More Making Perfect, please!

  19. Emily King says:

    Watching every single chef struggle with getting the pizza on the peel and in the oven gives me hope for my own skills

  20. Ewokdogg says:

    This is easily the most endearing video I’ve seen from BA. Sorry Brad. Molly and Carla killed it!

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