Carla Makes Pasta e Fagioli | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Carla Makes Pasta e Fagioli | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Join Carla in the Test Kitchen as she make pasta e fagioli! The key to a soup with fully developed savory flavor starts with the soffritto—a mix of aromatic vegetables that are slowly cooked in the first stage of cooking. Take your time sweating down the vegetables until they are completely softened before letting them take on any color. You’ll be surprised by how much volume they lose and how much liquid they release and by how much unquantifiable richness they lend to the final dish, which is nothing more than a combination of humble ingredients.
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Check out the recipe here:

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Carla Makes Pasta e Fagioli | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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82 Responses

  1. Bon Appétit says:

    Get yourself a Carla Fettuccine shirt here!

  2. XINYI YAN says:

    Such a great way to start a day with Carla

  3. oussama wadih says:

    I want carla to be my second mom

  4. We H. says:

    We need a BA’s app. Like, now.

  5. maryandchild says:

    carla, i hate focusing on other womens’ appearances, especially when they are at the top of their field professionally, but i just want you to know that your makeup is perfect.

  6. Sebasstian TDF says:

    Pasta y más pasta!!! Love it! Big hugs from Argentina ✌??

  7. Ezra Kore says:

    Is that Anthony Fantano in the background?

  8. ClaspedDragor says:

    Anyone else notice the girls (Molly and Claire perhaps?) taking photos in the background? Around 5:50

  9. Debstap says:

    Sapessero cosa sono i ditalini ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Dominick M says:

      +Giuseppe Passante Sono d’accordo, la ricetta mi da l’idea di una zuppaminestrabollito tutto in un colpo solo, sembra pure buona, ma pasta e fagioli è una di quelle fantastiche ricette semplici da mantecare in padella imparentata con la pasta all’amatriciana in quanto ad esecuzione.

    • CeccoGrullo says:

      Dominick M mantecare la pasta e fagioli?? Imparentata con l’amatriciana in quanto a esecuzione??

      Cosa cazz..?

    • 23jasmy says:

      Speravo in un commento del genere

    • palma_increbidile says:

      +Dominick M amico ma che paste e fagioli hai mangiato? io la faccio come fa carla solo che metto la pasta nei fagioli. Solitamente pasta e fagioli si intende più densa, lo capisco, quella di carla sembra più quella che chiamerei un minestra di fagioli con pasta ma comunque non avrei problemi a definirla pasta e fagioli

  10. Abby Coltharp says:

    I don’t like carrots and I feel attacked.

  11. Benny Lu says:

    1:30 that is some giant garlic

  12. Niki K says:

    This could take an hour. ….. or it could take 3. ?
    Ima start dinner in the morning just to be safe . I just love watching your videos Carla ?

  13. Maliha Intikhab says:

    It’s impossible to not absolutely adore Carla (or basically any chef at BA).

  14. Niki K says:

    We need a Tommy Werner tries to keep up with a professional chef. ???

  15. AFreemansView says:

    Blitzing the Garlic helps the garlic find its lover Alison. It’s like a two-part epoxy.

  16. Lance Harper says:

    Carla always explains that the ingredients do and how they interact with each other – very informative

  17. MariTheMusical says:

    “What if you don’t like carrots?”
    Carla: *then perish*

    • Amy Johnson says:

      Nah, my soffrito is garlic, onions, and celery. No carrots.

    • Beejay Swifter says:

      +EvTav Unless the soup in the pic was done in another batch, those carrots were darn near pureed in the food processor, so they would not have been visible after three hours of cooking. Whatever. 😉 I say, if you don’t like carrots, don’t use them. They add some sweetness, but the soup is not going to be ruined leaving them out. Leaving out the onion/leek or garlic would have more of a flavor consequence.

    • Masha Mitchell says:

      And like she said, its more common for peoole to dislike celery than carrots.

    • Mark Tchadej says:

      I love carrots but they give me super painful bloating, cooked or raw : /

  18. pmasoudi says:

    If you’re a vegetarian, you most usually don’t wanna use parmesan. Always check, if the cheese is made with animal or microbial rennet. Many traditional hard cheeses are made with animal rennet.

    • recoil53 says:

      Why does animal rennet matter? They are obviously eating meat product.

    • 3000 Wattz says:

      Vegetarians and vegans don’t eat anything from an animal? Am I lost?

    • Rick Baum says:

      +Oot spagoot no. you have to kill the animal to get the rennet (by taking out their stomach). if you have to kill the animal to get it, it’s not vegetarian.

      and obviously it’s not vegan.

    • rhiannon says:

      rennet is stomach lining it’s most definitely not vegetarian. neither is broth or gelatin. it’s made from animal parts. kind of defeats the purpose of being vegetarian if you still eat it.

      vegans do eat animal products at all. but vegetarians don’t eat stuff made from animals.

    • Dayvie says:

      +3000 Wattz vegans don’t. Vegetarian is less extreme with own made arbitrary rules like: Eating cheese is ok but meat not.

  19. Patavinity says:

    A soffrito doesn’t always have garlic. For a ragu alla Bolognese, for example, it’s carrot, onion and celery – identical to a French mirepoix.

  20. Lander Villar Plaza says:

    Parmesan cheese is not normally vegetarian, some brands may be.

    • Fandom Trash Kappa says:

      Don’t you mean vegan? Vegetarians just don’t eat meat, so eggs, milk and cheese are all still good, vegans don’t eat any animal products period

    • Georgia TYLER says:

      +Fandom Trash Kappa a lot of Parmesan, and some other cheeses use cow rennet to thicken the milk into cheese, this is an animal product (I believe sourced from cow stomachs) which makes it non vegetarian.

    • 3000 Wattz says:

      Fandom Trash Kappa how can a vegetarian eat eggs ??????????

    • AmenTeaspoonHunk says:

      +3000 Wattz commercially available eggs are not fertilized, so no animals or embryos die when eating them.

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