Carlos Correa proposes to his girlfriend after the Houston Astros win the World Series | ESPN

Carlos Correa proposes to his girlfriend after the Houston Astros win the World Series | ESPN

Houston Astros SS Carlos Correa proposes to his girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez, after the Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 to win the World Series.

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39 Responses

  1. Jeffrey House says:

    Big Papi’s reaction ?

  2. Sean Peterson says:

    Hey hey hey, let’s not ignore the fact that Verlander gets to go home to Kate Upton tonight.

  3. JL G says:

    Blood diamonds ?

  4. 張碩平 says:

    Look at Papi’s expression LOL

  5. Boomer5150 says:

    He knew the shallow bitch would’ve said no if they didn’t win.

  6. pawking92 says:

    Would he have proposed if they had lost?????

  7. Jordan Mejia says:

    Yes ill take all your money is what she was thinking

  8. Chuck Turner says:

    Now all she has to do is accuse him of spousal abuse, divorce him and walk away with a butt load of money. Good thinking girl!

  9. Drvirhot says:

    Congrats but MGTOW

  10. Mike Hardesty says:

    Lol @ ortiz’ face

  11. Robert S550stang says:

    Of course she’s gonna say yes …. automatic pay day …. $$$$$$$$

  12. Daniel fountain says:

    And with that one simple head nod she was set for life. Her journey has ended

  13. iron maiden says:

    Remember she gets half in the Divorce

  14. Bryzz Lull says:

    Wow good for you pal. Hot wife , pro baseball player . Glad your life is so great while mine fucking sucks.

  15. Mea Culpa says:

    The beginning of the end

  16. TRUMPY THE CLOWN says:

    What a dummy. He probably didn’t even have a prenup. She is about a 6 1/2. No matter though. Every major leaguer has a splooge tank or three in every city. There is no shortage of obtuse harlots throwing themselves at neanderthal millionaire athletes.

  17. David Adams says:

    OK, so ex beauty queen marries a baseball player, now baseball player has a trophy wife, nothing new there, and for the proposal? hahhaha like she was going to say NO– hell she just won LOTTERY, ring alone will set her for life, and the extra added bonus, sleep with the guy 4 times and have 2 kids in 2 years, and they get divorced, she gets alimony and child support, anybody else notice the women behind her, right away they started whispering in each others ears, like damn she won the world series—–GOLD DIGGERS

  18. macluix says:

    Dude wtf you doing??!!….you are just 23 years old and just won a World Series!!!…settling down can wait!!….give Derek Jeter a cal!!

  19. els277 says:

    Very Cheesy,She’s gonna take his money and split,guaranteed,Bad move Carlos?

  20. lingsto195 says:

    hope he had a prenuptial in the other hand

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