Carly Fiorina on Conservative Women vs Liberal Women on The View, Part 2

Carly Fiorina on Conservative Women vs Liberal Women on The View, Part 2

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20 Responses

  1. Wealoo says:

    oooh shit this election just got reaaaal

  2. Ralph Fonz says:

    typical, we should talk about serious issues… the view asks nothing but
    socialist issues lol

  3. Jay Fannin says:

    The View got served.

  4. Wealoo says:

    carly uses avon skin products so her skin is pretty thick

  5. Heather Harden says:

    the view sucks donkey dick

  6. RACmixM says:

    Raven asks why Carly doesn’t talk about issues but complains about not
    being able to talk about the issues and why that is. Carly ends her
    response by saying it’s not up to her wether moderators ask substative
    questions, and the follow up response by the view is “I want to talk to you
    about the moderators”…. Raven got her answer with the next question from
    the view.

  7. yayablu1970 says:

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  8. Barry Simon says:

    Great job ladies.

  9. Ryan Ferretti says:

    Carly is wrong. The candidates DID handle the moderators. They actually
    handed the moderators their asses. It’s not that Ted Cruz and the other
    candidates who are complaining about the moderators can’t handle tough
    questions, it’s that the questions aren’t conducive to a good, substantive
    debate. The questions and the debates are structured in such a way as to
    pit the candidates against each other and make for entertaining television.
    The time of the debates was also way too long. Everyone gets drowned out
    and many people don’t get enough time. There are many things to complain
    about that SHOULD be complained about. There needs to be some change.
    Everything is set up to benefit the networks. That’s the problem the
    candidates have with it. Carly should be out there supporting them.

  10. Ian Mallon says:

    The view is made of trashy women

  11. Ryan Ferretti says:

    This show is below Carly. She shouldn’t go back on. It’s a mud pit.

  12. Daisy Concepcion says:

    are you serious? these questions are dumb.

  13. Ellen Zittinger says:

    they aren’t funny, that’s the problem, they are just crass and rude and
    lame and that is funny

  14. Mark Bunker says:

    Carly in incapable of going on a charm offensive. She is as thin skinned as

  15. Nunya Bizness says:

    Joy Behar should be forced to change her name – nothing about her is a Joy!
    Whoopie, Joy, and Michelle are SO RUDE!! They would never have spoken to
    (or spoken over) Hillary the way they did Carly. This show needs to be
    taken off the air. They can give it, but they can’t seem to be able to take
    it. Carly was right they are a bunch of SOUR LEMONS!

  16. Gabby Stanfield says:

    great answers and attitude, fiorina!

  17. Matthew Wells says:

    Raven confused Carly with Trump….Trump talks generalities and obfuscates
    , but Carly answers pointed questions completely…..unless of course you
    interrupt her to ask if smiling more will win her the White House…

  18. R.D. Dragon says:

    “Normally I’m much younger” … Huh?

  19. cavhoki says:

    the view has become worthless please take it off the air

  20. Reagan Di Giuseppe says:

    Donald Trump: “I wasn’t talking about her face in terms of her looks. I was
    talking about her persona.”
    *Everyone freaks out*
    Michelle Collins: “It wasn’t about your face in terms of your looks. It was
    more about the expression.”
    *Everyone defends it*

    Hypocrites. Also, I thought Whoopi said there was no line or boundaries
    when it comes to comedy, and comedians just have to take the consequences
    if something is too outrageous. Well, suck it up, Michelle. It was in poor
    taste, and even worse, totally unfunny.