Carly Fiorina On Why She’s Running For President on The View, Part 1

Carly Fiorina On Why She’s Running For President on The View, Part 1

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20 Responses

  1. WWERULEZ1000 says:

    Watch this at 2x speed, prepare to laugh

  2. Kodiak Bear says:

    Mrs. Fiorina is so sexy and proper. Man I’d love to bang her.

  3. roman wheeler says:

    Interruption and deflection. the cornerstone of liberal bias media. CANCEL

  4. AnarchoRepublican says:

    …careful bitch I claw U eyes out…

  5. Scorpio New York says:

    Thank u “The View” Great Job!!! Carly lied about video. Carly nreds to drop
    out now!!!!! Hillary 2016! Yes

  6. boyleingpoint says:

    These ladies on the view are dumb as a doorknob. To think they have the
    same intelligence as Carly is a sin.

  7. Carrie Fleming says:

    Stupid ass democrat females.

  8. Rafael RA says:

    I don’t even have to comment on how dumb they are

  9. Daniel Arcure says:

    Minimum wage is not a women’s issue…

  10. Bieber Ninja says:

    i don’t like carly fiorina in fact i’m annoyed by her voice and fake smile,
    but after watching this i can’t help but feel sympathy for her, those fugly
    skanks on the view were talking about women’s issues while treating a
    fellow women with a lot of disrespect arguing with her and interrupting her
    the entire time

    i’m sure they think thye accomplished something after the show, screw you
    whoopi and joy behar, miserable cunts

  11. S. Mason says:

    carly is an idiot but I sure wish they wouldn’t talk so FAST. Take a
    breath, allow for the words to come out. Carly is a robot who says the same
    things no matter what the questions are.

  12. MGTOW Mercenary says:

    What a hypocritical batch of botches.

  13. Laura Zemba says:

    Funny how this group is all women on the left. I see nothing but
    unbalanced, sexist libs. If you have to talk over and bully a guest, I
    would believe it’s because you are a self absorbed idiot.

  14. scorpion55x says:

    Fiorina = Reverse boner

  15. Kayla Dahl (MusicArtLove96) says:

    Whoopie.. wtf? it’s a very widely known fact that they INDEED DO harvest
    baby parts….. you’d have to be an idiot not to get that.. I don’t
    understand why they think that that’s a lie?!

  16. dockery2847 says:

    What an obnoxious bunch of liberal morons. Let the woman answer the

  17. troy onan says:

    Carly Florina > Hillary Clinton

  18. Rok Rhue says:

    Carly Fiorina is an excellent orator. She handled their
    questions/answers/opinions very well. I am impressed!

  19. Diamarys Lopez says:

    The View are a bunch of idiots. and idiots that are proven wrong cut people
    off like they did on that panel. And plan parenthood have been doing
    horrible, monstrous things. And plan parenthood of democratically funded.
    so they should stop lying to women on the view and be REAL. ITS SAD THe
    view is “pro women” however they are lying to every woman on that show.

  20. TheJsmith BA says:

    ugh these women are so dumb