Carly Rae Jepsen – All That (Audio)

Carly Rae Jepsen – All That (Audio)

Out now on iTunes:

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20 Responses

  1. Austin Aussen Langle says:

    Beautiful and Amazing! 

  2. Paul Reeves says:

    Finally, a serious song showing that she really can sing.

  3. Bas Daniel says:

    I think this song. So great and timachine to 80-90 but. I like this song. 

  4. Ja Lipe says:


  5. TheZurul says:

    reminds me of early Prince. Like “Controversy” era

  6. kevin mucyo says:

    This song let miss Janet Jackson so bad 

  7. FunkyFresh Diva says:

    You can definitely tell that Dev Hynes produced this. Some producers just
    have a very distinctive sound to their music, and his always has an 80’s
    feel to it.

  8. rockinpoison89 says:

    When her new EP or new album comes out ?

  9. Josan Powell says:

    I love this but Dev should’ve kept this for himself 

  10. Apichat Tongpradit says:

    this song could be famous in 80’s, because people nowadays like speed song
    not slow like this, but this is so much good song I love it :D

  11. dontdropthis says:

    no way man.,,,

  12. Jonathan Young says:


  13. Devrim Abaddon says:

    I like this song but it sounds like it’s from the 80s.

  14. Aruni D says:

    I don’t know why this reminds me of sometimes by Britney. I love it

  15. M ito says:

    I love this song♥from Japanese

  16. allthenewshere says:

    Carly is an amazing singer and performer! In my channel you’ll find
    everything about her and your favorite celebrities:) go check it now!

  17. Pedro Belem says:

    this song looks like an outtake from Prince “Purple Rain” era. and it’s

  18. Shawn Parrotte says:

    This track is wild. Love the chords in the bridge!

  19. luvncrazi says:

    This has such a Jezabels sound! Love it :D

  20. Antonio Aguilar says:

    Nice song.