Carnival Magic Cruise ship nearly runs over jet skiers

Carnival Magic Cruise ship nearly runs over jet skiers

Carnival Magic 3/11/17 cruise out of Port Canaveral almost runs over jet skiers that crashed in front of boat.

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19 Responses

  1. Rick z says:

    Ship channel is not a good place to be riding on a jet ski! It’s a big ocean! I think the one of the skis is history! Thank you Sheriff!

  2. Vladimir Putin, Dreadlock Rasta says:

    Hey Anthony, Vladimir Putin, Dreadlock Rasta here. I don’t work for nobody! But I did show your video to me Auntie Coco.

  3. Wormhole Times says:

    spring breaking rednecks.

  4. Sarah Harrison says:

    CORRECT HEADLINE: The headline should be: “Dumb jet skiers almost collide with Carnival cruise ship.”

  5. indodesi says:

    Hi Anthony: this is Vladimir Putin from RT. Would you grant us permission to use this video?

  6. Otto Lassiter says:

    Organ donors.
    You have to get a license to own a dog, but any dumbass that can plunk down the cash for a jet ski or a boat can simply put the key in, start it up and magically, they are captains.
    I have been a licensed, professional mariner (and harbor pilot) for decades now and I cannot begin to count how many very close quarter situations I have been placed in because of recreational boater ignorance.

  7. Randall Ainsworth says:

    The vessel with the least maneuverability has the right of way.

  8. Mardasee says:

    Almost became fish food if they went under that ship and got sucked into the props.

  9. Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus says:

    “Let’s go jet skiing right in front of a cruise ship twice the size and three times the weight of the Titanic. What could happen?”

  10. Joey Splats says:

    You’re famous now. Work the talk shows and bleed them for all they got.

  11. JoVoC says:

    he’s like, get yo fat ass on the boat now!

  12. Rich FiveFiveSix says:

    Florida attracts too many idiots.
    We need to figure out a way to get idiots to go to Iowa, balance things out.

  13. barnesfam says:

    Woah! That was close. They’re lucky as shit.

  14. mojo jojo says:

    were those women that cop pulled from the water? Looked like he was pulling a load of slimy blubber onto the boat

  15. Marie Joy says:

    That cop should get a raise. Holy shite.

  16. AvgDude says:

    Jesus, ridiculous cows. If they can’t haul their own fat asses into a boat, then they’ve got no goddamn business out on jet skis.

  17. coc0s says:

    He rescued two whales.

  18. drink15 says:

    Cant fault the idiots that are commenting. The description or video doesn’t tell the whole story.

  19. krninja22 says:

    Perhaps a diet is in order for these land whales.

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