Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival.
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0:21- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
0:53- Carnival Song written special by Andrew Applepie-
3:40- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
10:00- Q- Blue Wednesday –
11:13- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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20 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    This video has been snowballing in my head for the past year. I’m so pumped to finally get it out. It’s a great reminder of how we interact with physics every second of the day in 1,000 different ways.

  2. William Emmet says:

    Are you banned from that carnival you did this at?

  3. Kevlar Vrus 57 says:

    All those women mirin the baseballer’s wins.

  4. Jason Green says:

    Awesome video! Prepare for BuzzFeed to copy it!

  5. Iveman99 says:

    I have personally won the ring toss bottle game at the Busch Gardens in Tampa. My ring landed on the top prize bottle in the middle and I left the park that day with a brand new Nintendo Wii. It’s not impossible, at least it wasn’t at Busch Gardens back in 2008

  6. HERCULES0070 says:

    Even though I rarely go to fairs and when I do I just eat and people watch I did enjoy this video very much thank you for creating awesome content. I love seeing people that put true effort into their content creation.

  7. Fought a Pidgeon says:

    I’m just not going to go to a carnival. 😢

  8. GhostTown Gaming says:

    I actually won the ring toss game on my first try 🙂 and my prize was a giant pink doughnut

  9. Juan Perdomo says:

    congrats you figured out a standard business model lol

  10. kay jewl says:

    The cost of the game , the rent , employees? Cost them more than the toy

  11. Patrick Knowles says:

    Is the $20K in net or in gross?

  12. Reinvented Prodigy says:

    Actually if you guve the ring a 45° angle back flip itll tend to wanna flip the opposite way when it hits the bottle causing it to land on one of the nearby bottles. U gotta be precise af tho man 😂😂

  13. Sean Kersey says:

    Ex-games amusement park worker here: The ring toss game CAN actually be won with one little trick. You must stack the rings either two or three at a time and toss them that way. When the rings land on the top of the bottle, the bottom ring will land on the bottle, which tries to bounce up, but then hits the ring above it, knocking it back down. Typically, they only allow you to throw one at a time.

  14. ButterUlt says:

    I got the ladder second try and then he said i may never come back lmfao

  15. 1dfgaJ83K92 says:

    3:41 my proven 1337 tactic is to shoot a line across the top to cut the bottom off. £25 in my pocket.

  16. Tyler Slogan says:

    Non American here. What is the value of the coins shown in this video. Were they 5¢ 10¢ 25¢ 1$ 2$ or something else?

  17. Roll Tide says:

    i won the ring toss game on 1st try by luck. I just randomly chucked the rings (it was 10 for $1 or 2) in the air and wound up with a 3ft stuffed dog i had to walk around with for the rest of the day, but wth my ex-wife was happy

  18. FungusGD says:

    0:10 Hey I know that place! I live near there!

  19. Emma Duffy says:

    When I was younger the guy always held the ladder still for me – loved that guy! He always let me win a prize as well

  20. Oskar Wänstedt says:

    BEST VIDEO thx 🙂 good info +1 like and a sub +1
    your welcome 😉

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