Carpenter shenanigans!

Carpenter shenanigans!


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19 Responses

  1. sabbathian says:

    Tyler is a little bit slow? :D

  2. Hagbard Celine says:

    Tyler was in shock … slow shock :D

  3. Anti Hero says:

    In before viral

  4. Robert Piseno says:

    geez half these people wouldve fallen for it too… Funny prank!

  5. AmCinEd says:

    Man, his gears were spinning really, really fast, but just couldn’t get it
    in drive.
    Damn that’s funny.

  6. Gran's Stuff says:

    how SLOW can you get.. :D

  7. Nicklas Rahbek says:

    Been a while since I laughed so much! Thanks Jason!

  8. shammy davisjr says:

    Holy fuckballs Batman. That dude is slower than 49 motherfucker!

  9. Danny Dan says:

    this is like a frigin looney tunes episode XD

  10. Brian Garton says:

    That was B-E-A-utiful. Post a short with Tyler about what was going through
    his mind.

  11. SpetS says:

    I think he still didn’t got it….

  12. Visit says:

    “no right there” ***points with nailed finger***

  13. Robert Brunello says:

    I laughed for the wrong reasons.

  14. Tiberiu Nicolae says:

    I read the comments and was expecting him to be slow but not THAT

  15. Kenyan Legs says:

    brendan dassey would be proud of this guys stupidity.

  16. Slapped704 says:

    Awe poor fella Hahhaa, he was so concerned he didn’t even notice it was
    fake cuz of all that adrenaline hahah

  17. TDPEquinox says:

    Haha you moved the hand twice and he still didn’t get it. What a legend.

  18. Patrick Davin says:

    dudes high af

  19. Tantan tantan says:

    He’s like.. *”LOADING”* ███████████████]99.9%…please wait