Carpool Karaoke w/ Adam Levine

Carpool Karaoke w/ Adam Levine

James and Adam Levine cruise around Los Angeles singing some of Maroon 5’s biggest songs before Adam proves to James he can balance anything on his face, and the two compete in a race on a proper track.

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60 Responses

  1. 002 says:


    • Cara Verbarg says:

      002 Please name a song that Brendon Urie sings.. I’ve either never heard of him or I just don’t recognize his name. I may know his music but just not familiar with his name.

    • Apocris says:

      Cara Verbarg He’s the lead singer of Panic! at the Disco. You may have heard “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, “Death of a Bachelor”, “Victorious”, “This is Gospel”, or “Nine in the Afternoon” before. Those are their most well known I’d say

    • Cara Verbarg says:

      Apocris, thank you! I know who he is now and have heard many of his songs!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I’m seeing a lot of Brendon Urie in this comment section… Give the people what they want James!

  3. zack parsley says:

    Does anyone actually know any of the other band members names from Maroon 5?

  4. IamEm says:

    Old school Maroon 5 will always be cool

  5. Alan Hart says:

    Carpool with Brendon Urie please

  6. JM H says:

    James you are amazing.

  7. SpiritualLight 4 says:

    ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS…a Sheriff pulls them over…not so funny for me the other day! LOL! Love you, Adam and James!!! <3 <3

  8. Tiffany Shavon Tiffany says:

    ” Who is the queen married to?” “The King.” ????

  9. Neuzilane Oliveira says:

    algum Brasileiro??

  10. Emanuelle Torres says:

    Adam is clearly more excited singing their new songs instead of the old ones. I think it gets to the point that when you sing a song a lot during so many years, it just goes out automatically.

  11. Apple Kim says:

    I imagine Michael Jackson here. They would not sing in acar but perform…. How fun it would be

  12. Tom Harlock says:

    omg finally

  13. Strawberry Shortcake says:

    Please bring Shawn ?

  14. Athziri Gutierrez says:

    *Just two cool dads* is right

  15. Delia says:

    when they included This Love and She Will Be Loved made me so damn happy!

  16. Delia says:

    “Who is the queen married to?” “The King.” Well, he ain’t wrong lmao

    • Mrs. Salvatore says:

      We’re such nerds for pointing this out

    • Susan Cao says:

      A PARTICULAR queen is married to Prince Phillip. There are MANY queens married to MANY kings including: King Phillippe of Belgium, King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia, King Letsie II of Lesotho, King Willem-ALexander of the Netherlands, King Mohammaed the VI of Morocco, King Harald of Norway, King Felipe VI of Spain, King Carl of Sweden, etc.

    • Shackiela Melville says:

      I’m pretty sure James was referring to his queen.

    • fuck the EU says:

      By the by he was made a Duke because Dukes outrank Princes

    • Jcmd Art says:

      Delia he actually is because Phillip isn’t in the king ?? he’s retired now and was never king in the first place

  17. Jubilant says:

    “It sounds like a podcast sponsor.” ?

  18. Tem Production says:

    Brandon Urie Please!! 🙂

    • Cara Verbarg says:

      Tem Production , could you please tell me a song that Brandon Urie sings. Please forgive me for being ignorant but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of him. TIA!!

    • Jerze Grinder-Holt says:

      Brendon urie is the singer of P!ATD and he is a god. He sings pray for the wicked,death of a bachelor,etc.

  19. houchi69 says:

    Jessie J needs to be on this.

  20. Nochu says:

    Someone commented it, but I’m going to do it too.


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