Carrie Fisher Dishes on Return to ‘Star Wars’

Carrie Fisher Dishes on Return to ‘Star Wars’

Fisher played Princess Leia in the first “Star Wars” in 1977 and returns this month in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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20 Responses

  1. Great ZeroTaste says:

    Love Carrie Fisher.

  2. Spartan K says:

    I want to tongue punch the interviewers starfish.

  3. Gothhana says:

    Lol, snark level over 9000. I seriously love Carrie Fisher. She’s spot on
    with the age thing regarding roles and stuff though, and I like that she
    was so quick to respond/entertain. This was one of the best interviews I’ve
    watched hahaha.

  4. Grant Z Price says:

    This is after the edit for TV? Network TV has jumped the shark, they should
    start making fun of themselves more. It’s programming for people who can’t
    think or move.

  5. juicepuddles says:

    I literally thought this was a joke or some kind of spoof video for the
    first minute, I couldn’t tell that was actally Carrie Fisher, holy crap
    woman, the amount of surgery and clown makeup applied to one woman is so
    sad, people are so vain.

  6. juicepuddles says:

    It almost sounds like she can’t pronounce words anymore due to mouth and
    lip surgery, truly a tragedy.

  7. charlesvan13 says:

    Is she going to be in the movie with her support dog?

  8. Kate the bear says:

    Lol that was amazing XD

  9. Tim M. says:

    Carrie Fisher is awesome. Glad she’s doing well these days.

  10. zeddfak says:

    TBH, she should be doing more promo than Harrison.

  11. Ken Luzar says:

    Can you say denture talk, lol, thought I heard a tooth clicking at one

  12. Mitchell Tuckness says:

    That was a pretty freaking funny.

  13. Mecha Deets says:

    3:00 is where she comments on the fat stuff.

  14. k97cross says:

    Like a crazy grandma.

  15. MrPelle80 says:

    December 18?
    it opens December 16 here in Sweden.. =/

  16. Heather Bradley says:

    She is a goddess. Love her forever.

  17. greatdane2609 says:

    This was genuinely hilarious and refreshing.

  18. David Brooks says:

    Amy just became my new favorite reporter

  19. Jeffrey M. Reynolds says:

    I think Carrie has a little crush on her interviewer. =;-)

  20. Brittany Murillo says:

    She’s lost her midiclorians…or her marbles….