Carrot Top on Getting Jacked, Meeting Gene Simmons

Carrot Top on Getting Jacked, Meeting Gene Simmons

Taken from JRE #1758 w/Carrot Top:

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  1. Michael Ambuehl says:

    I saw Carrot Top a decade ago in Vegas as part of some package of tickets that the casinos were trying to time share people into. Went in not expecting much and spent virtually the whole time crying from laughing. He’s a funny dude and the prop thing was only a small portion of his act at that time. Fully recommended.

    • markKDXrider says:

      Very underated . Saw him 10 or 12 years ago when I ventured out west. Hilarious in person.

    • Mr Pampy says:

      Never been a fan but the guy has maintained a solid career/fan base for decades so he’s gotta be doing something right

    • Nxbxbrx says:

      Yea this dude was underrated his stand up is hilarious.

    • Chris James says:

      @Captain Maxwell yes Canadian girls are more real, less plastic.

    • Greek guy says:

      @Michael H honestly I saw him like 15 years ago but I don’t remember him being dirty or x rated with his comedy I’d imagine he sprinkled in swear words every now and then but if I were to rate it I’d go pg-13 but I do remember laughing my ass off

  2. Jo Po says:

    Carrot Top has been around forever as a comedian.
    He deserves props.

  3. Michael Castillo says:

    I gotta respect this mans hustle to stay this relevant, this long. It’s definitely admirable.

  4. fred smith- king of the lunatics says:

    The level of self awareness of this guy is phenomenal.
    He knows exactly who he is.
    Seems like a genuinely good bloke.

  5. M1schi3f M4k3r says:

    I can’t imagine how people hate on Carrot Top. Hes genuine and funny, and carries on a conversation better than plenty of other people Joe has had on the show.

    • Twitter Fingers says:

      To me it’s just his appearance, dude creeps me tf out.

    • Mr. White says:

      @Ξ Ξ±Ξ½Ξ±Ξ³ΞΉΟŽΟ„Ξ·Ο‚ Γραμμένος said “but money shows if someone is successful, not funny.”
      True. And his job is a comedian. A successful comedian will have a lot of money. Not everyone is going to find him funny, but obviously people do find him funny.

    • Benji Jamin says:

      @EpicBunty god how do you people not comprehend what hes saying?
      Hes saying carrot top is rich because people find him funny. He is a dam comedian so his networth equates to how much people find him funny. Go back to school or something jesus christ

    • Mr. White says:

      @EpicBunty I made a sister joke because I was called a clown. Now back to explaining logic to you and try to keep up. Carrot Top’s job is to be a comedian and is 56. Carlos Mencia’s job is to be a comedian and he is 54. Both comedians have been a comedian for about the same amount of time. Carrot Top has a net worth close to $100 million from his job. This means he is good at his job and people find him funny. Carlos Mencia has a net worth of a few million dollars from his job. This means he is not that good at his job when compared to his peers and people don’t find him that funny. The unsuccessful comedian actors you speak of are not worth as much as Carrot Top because they are not as good at being a comedian as Carrot Top. Did you get all of that? Understand?
      Lastly, YOUR sister told me to tell you stop using all of her tampons.

    • Carlos Gil says:

      @EpicBunty and just because your rich doesn’t necessarily mean your smart either

  6. bakedinspiration says:

    I just finished watching this podcast in full. 100% more interesting then I figured. Carrot top is incredibly humble and seems like a good dude.

    • Famous Ace says:

      that is on spotify, and its completely free

    • bakedinspiration says:

      @Famous Ace yeah I know I watched this video, then went over to the app and watched the entire interview, then came back to make a comment because I was actually really impressed with the show and how good of a guest carrot top was. (Having never really watched his stand up)

    • bluesrocker33 says:

      @Famous Ace not completely free. Gotta sit through 1 milion stupid ads

    • Mike Mullets says:

      He is, I’ve met him. Very down to earth actually.

    • Piano Dan says:

      @bluesrocker33 you can fastfoward the ads in like 3 seconds. And they only come up twice during a 3 hour podcast..

  7. Just saying it says:

    No matter how much carrot top becomes a caricature of himself… I just love the dude. Classic

  8. Eons I slept says:

    He has one of those genuinely contagious laughs. That’s charisma you’re just born with.

  9. King JappyJoe says:

    What a great guest. And you can tell Joe like him by how much he was riffing and laughing throughout the entire interview.

  10. HENNAH- πŸ”₯𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 π‚π‘πšπ§π§πžπ₯ [𝐋!𝐯𝐞] says:

    Just an under rated comic. Would love to see one of his shows someday.

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