Carson Endorsement Cold Open – SNL

Carson Endorsement Cold Open – SNL

CNN’s Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) interviews Dr. Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) after his endorsement of Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and checks in with Sen. Bernie Sanders (Larry David).

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20 Responses

  1. NateTheMovieGuy says:

    That’s funny cause the supporters larry as bernie talked about are my
    sister and her boyfriend XD

  2. isabella morales says:

    Do more on Hillary Clinton and Bernie sanders

  3. Umar Choudhry says:

    Trump brags about his penis lol

  4. Daniel Stevens says:

    The Trump and Carson impersonations suck. Larry David does a great job.

  5. osufand says:

    This is clinton propaganda garbage. Bernie wins all demographics under 40.
    Yes even the black vote. I hope people see through this bullshit. You Know
    why Clinton doesnt show her face much? Because people who work for her
    found that the more she is in the public eye the more people hate her. So
    they are hoping to just ride her name all the way to the white house. She
    supports elite corporate interest thats why even places like saturday night
    live are used to push clinton. Nbc and the wallstreet journal owned by the
    same people are for clinton not because shes left wing or right wing, but
    because she protects wall street and the big banks who have rigged a system
    that hurts the working class and benefits the top 1 percent. I hope people
    can wake up to this and stop cvoting agaisnt their interests.

  6. Joisey says:

    The usual Leftist Propaganda.

  7. Woozuh says:


  8. jacenK says:

    5 posts a day fans

  9. Rut Enheim says:

    Its cute but Bernie has under 45s, not just 18 and 19, and Hillary has over

  10. Rivka Edery says:

    Love it – you guys are AWESOME!

  11. blizzaire08 says:


  12. Christian Lynch says:

    One of the better ‘live from New York’ throws I have seen in a while. Larry
    David’s Bernie Sanders is on point!

  13. Constance ! says:

    i am a Trump supporter

  14. Kelly says:

    This skit seems like an extension of a biased mainstream media outlet

  15. David Yang says:

    Ironic thing is Bernie Sanders himself is a superdelegate -since he’s a
    current senator.

  16. Arjan Madan says:

    This is so funny. I want Hillary to win, but I’d be happy if Bernie won
    too. Just make sure it is democrat.

  17. Zombie Billy Mays says:

    I googled Jake Tapper and I did not find him in a t-shirt.

  18. Randy Alvarez says:

    snl hasn’t been funny in years, its getting worse.

  19. Distracted Observer says:

    Ebony & Orangy 2016!

  20. netterstyl says:

    Trump – the new orange.

    Vote Orange! – Vote Trump!