Case Closed. Collusion Has Been Proven | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Case Closed. Collusion Has Been Proven | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

And now there’s a coverup underway

The Scene:

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Case Closed. Collusion Has Been Proven | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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20 Responses

  1. asombrosas invenciones says:

    Trump thinks he can pardon himself wtf

  2. Don Won says:


  3. Commander Shepard says:

    I dare you, I double dare you motherf*ckering Trump

  4. jeremy robinsonartist says:

    I wonder how long it will take to put these plutocrats in jail.

  5. MKDAWUSS says:

    So… President Pence? President Ryan? The Second American Civil War?

  6. odell buckman says:

    Kushner has a high pitch voice. He almost sounds like a woman.

  7. jeremy robinsonartist says:

    How are the right-wing apologist trolls of youtube comment threads going to defend their leader now?

  8. Alpha-Q-Up says:

    Put that Orangutan where he belongs…….

    The ZOO!

  9. Leslie Howard says:

    I don’t know I’d rather go for trump for 3 1/2 years than worry about ..dear God..Pence for 8. We have to GET OUT OF THIS CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS. . ITS COMING ..

  10. mad queen says:

    Amazing as always keith

    Truth . Logic amazed

    *unlike fox , cnn or alex jones*

  11. JT S says:

    Clown shoes has to go now! We need to get a competent government in place. Send the side show back to Siberia!

  12. The Diesel says:

    The only thing Trump has done since he has been President is cover his butt. No matter how guilty he looks he continues to make moves to cover up his actions. If you think that all of these people were meeting with Russians and Trump did not know then your common sense is in the red.

  13. Leslie Howard says:

    I’ve watch my country go against EVERYTHING the founding fathers warned of..for the last 6 months. I’m praying Dems have found some concept to run on and praying gerrymandering lines are REDRAWN. God bless OUR REPUBLIC

  14. gilon1239 says:

    Episode 100 of “The Resistance” should be the episode he’s been successfully been put on trial and soon impeached.

  15. Joey Vi says:

    Republicans are pure evil. They don’t care to hide it anymore. Trump is the icon image of them all. Especially evangelical idiots

  16. Matthew Dobbs says:

    The RNC also has to shoulder the blame here for continuing to deny in support of party and personal interest over country. The Congress has utterly failed the american people! Well done keith, keep it up!

  17. Noah DeJesus says:

    I like the way this dude talks

  18. 1ginner1 says:

    Best one yet Keith, but I still maintain that it wont be collusion that will bring him down. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Mueller is on to him with regard to the dodgey dealings, after all, thats what Trump was after in the first place. Money laundering, massive property dealings, that make no sense. Mueller has picked up the scent and thats where trump will fall.

  19. James Coyne says:

    It will be a great day for this country when Trump and his pig circus are all indicted. It will be an even greater day for our beloved country when they are all convicted of treason. And it will be an even greater day when they are all sentenced to prison for treasonous acts against the United States of America. Make America Great Again? America is great! Make America Greater by jailing Trump and his lousy traitors.

  20. Richie Sahlin says:

    Looks like the “nothingburger” is now SOMETHING huh Trumptards?

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