Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge in US

Cases in coronavirus pandemic surge in US

The number of cases in the U.S. soared to more than 24,000 while New York now has more than 11,000 cases.




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82 Responses

  1. shad khandakar says:

    When did plague inc get so serious

  2. Phanna Nuy says:

    I wish it would not come to my family 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Snow Cat does not like make up moon face says:

      Snozco Cram now it’s Trump Flu? Government made? Conspiracy!! I’m 39 guess I better watch my back. If our economy and city shut downs continue we will all wish we were dead!! A real hell on Earth is upon us

    • Snozco Cram says:

      Snow Cat does not like make up moon face The irony is not lost on me, the first reaction from Trump and the Republican machine is to have the largest social safety net in American History. Free medical testing and $1000 hand outs. Hell Bernie at least had a plan to pay it for it. Tax the rich, bitch. LOL

    • Sean Collins says:

      You and about 7 billion other people. Pray all you want, the virus isn’t listening.

    • Snow Cat does not like make up moon face says:

      Sean Collins I don’t pray. I leave that for bible thumpers. The shutdowns will kill way more cause of suicide than the virus will. Stop watching cnn ffs

    • Taylor says:

      I wish it *would* come to mine.

  3. Talivus says:

    lol, other countries have already developed tests that can be done in hours long ago. We are only just starting to develop these tests?

  4. Noeliaq Hernandez says:

    Is it April’s fools yet. ☹️

  5. Allan Rivers says:

    Ofcourse they surge… We’re finally testing for it. FFS.

    • Zhor'i Ambassador says:

      @Jake k

      1) Shouldn’t have removed Vivek Murthy as the Surgeon-General.

      2) Shouldn’t have sought to create the Coronavirus to attack China. Supporting Hong Kong and promoting the Republic of China as a political alternative in Mainland China for the people in China would be better. Do you know what the PRC is? It is a single-party dictatorship. You know who controls a single-party dictatorship? The party. What defeats parties? Other parties. If the CPC is the PRC, then its alternative is the ROC. Promote the ROC like you promote the Republican party in the United States and you will see the integrity of China fall to pieces with all the people who have been disadvantaged or harmed in China. Target the Christian movement in China, target the special autonomous regions in China, the minorities in China, the terminated (fired) military officers in China, and the lieutenants of the party under their leader who either want to take over or feel they will be cheated out of something by their leader. That would actually destroy them. This virus is just shooting one’s own foot.

      3) Should have ceased all trade with China the moment the virus became a growing concern in China and then advance sanitation methods.

      If you say anything other than agreeing with me that Trump should have done all of these things, then you are saying that I would make a better president than Trump. If you don’t understand that then you are saying anyone who votes Republican should be barred from being allowed to vote due to mental incompetency equivalent or worse than an individual less than 18 years in age. The very reason minors aren’t allowed to vote would include yourselves.

    • comment says:


    • comment says:

      @KDProductions87 Yeah, it’s pretty disingenuous that they don’t clarify this. They say ‘surging’. What on earth does that mean and how can you possibly know when you’d on’t know what the true background number is??

    • ꧁Lotus Auer꧂ says:

      j g no, you don’t have that right. I don’t think it’s right to blame trump or the Republican Party for “everything”. Just like I don’t think it’s right republicans bashed Obama his whole 8 years in office and now continue to blame him for things nearly 4 years after he’s been out of office. I do however believe it’s appropriate to hole our elected representatives accountable for their actions, Republican or Democrat, I did so for Bush and Obama and I see no reason to not scrutinize trump and his cabinet. Especially when trump insights and participated in bashing of all democrats and even the former president; who might I remind you, trump consistently accused him (Obama) of not being a legal US citizen, when he had no proof or reasoning for doing it. So if you’d like to bring up hypocrisy, look in your own court first, because I’m no disillusioned to the point I don’t see the bad decisions and laws Obama made and I won’t defend him for them, which you seem happy to do for Donald.

    • Christian Alvarado says:

      @Matthew Mosier “One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.’ That did not work out too well.” Trump told the crowd. “They could not do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. … They tried anything. … And this is their new hoax.”

  6. Alex Kessler says:

    This was already happening, we just didn’t know because we didn’t have the testing kits

    • So Young says:

      @Maddog Me too, in the middle of Jan. I usually don’t get sick, but I even had a fever….

    • Planet Express says:

      @BTS LIVE He didn’t say it was a Hoax. Do you like being misinformed, is it fun for you? Go back and watch the video where Trump supposedly says the virus is a hoax. Maybe you’ll figure out what he really said. Trump deserves criticism on many many things. But that doesn’t mean you should make up stuff. Post the video if you want.

    • FalseCast says:

      We didn’t have test kits because Trump refused to use the German manufactured tests recommended WHO and the CDC…because he had a hunch it wasn’t going to be that bad. #MassGravesFoMAGA

    • William Hawley says:

      No Thanks to trumps stupid ass, he said “oh it’ll just go away” like you wish. We Should’ve prepared better smh

    • comment says:

      @Bill Eyelash Some people are pretty sure they had it in January

  7. Dennis Whitesell says:

    You can only expect numbers to go up exponentially when the number of test given has exploded.

    • Godfrey Daniel says:

      The numbers will go up exponentially – tests or no tests. MANY more will get sick – tests or no tests – and about 10% of them will die – (a higher percentage than has been predicted) – tests or no tests…

    • I know you’re right But says:

      Sooo,, there were millions of people gasping for air in the ER a couple of weeks ago?? I don’t think so. If there are people gasping for air in the ER, they probably have the virus. If you’re not in the ER gasping for air,,,, you probably don’t have it and you don’t need to be tested.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

      Exactly. There’s a difference between more people getting the disease and people who already have it being added to the list for the first time. The thing to worry about is that if this many people were walking around without knowing that they had it, then how many people do you think that they infected who are still walking around out there?

    • comment says:

      Exactly!! This is hard to watch with a straight face :))) Where on earth can they pull these numbers from. There are probably people who already had this back in January, there was some dry cough thing going around.. Vast majority does not get anything more than a cold. Simply surreal this information war.

    • FalseCast says:

      The US didn’t have tests because Dotard refused to use the German manufactured test kits recommended by the CDC and WHO in January. This is 100% Dotards fault.

  8. Vincent Aguirre says:

    It’s really great that the people that have failed us, and continue to fail us, are the first to receive tests and will be the first to receive aid.

    • D-boy206 says:

      @FactsForDayz damn u mad, u didn’t get your fix , u mad nigga? Well I’m glad nigga

    • Darlene Norton says:

      @Josh Johnson Thank you! 💯🙏👆❤️😇🌴🌈🌅

    • John Duke says:

      @FactsForDayz Only a cough and runny nose? I’ve never heard of a cough and runny nose killing people.

    • Jeff Lectka says:

      Just dont criticize everyone in Hollywood who gets tests…don’t do that. Make sure you’re selective in your “rich people” outrage.

    • Vincent Aguirre says:

      @Jeff Lectka – What about my original post made you think I supported that? Is it just because I didn’t specifically mention them? Do you think I’m supportive of giving tests to Nazi sympathizers and wife beaters (trump)? Dolt.

  9. Sandia Delli Gatti says:

    time to get that over due sleep in stay up late….enjoy it God take care of us…we all in this together…

    • Gabriel Martinez says:

      If we’re all in this together..then why are people being Greedy an HOURDING. ..toilet paper an … FIGHTING over bullshit..

  10. Vincent Rosales says:

    They are getting tested but we can’t great to see they are makes me feel a lot better now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️that’s the gov for you

  11. Ian Crouse says:

    3:14 isn’t that just what a macy’s normally looks like?

  12. Nathaniel12345678910 says:

    40% to 80% is such a large margin

  13. Punisher Blaids says:

    For once I’m glad I don’t live in a huge city.

    • Loudmanv8 says:

      William McKenna it funny how you dumbasses ruin a state then go to a red state then complain why people vote red smh 🤦‍♂️

    • kmlckd says:

      Not necessarily a good thing. Rural areas will get hit too. West Virginia was last state to report infections mainly because of the poor infrastructure in place for much of the state. Poorer rural areas if/when that hits may not have adequate resources in place to combat this.

    • Planet Express says:

      @Eben Cole same. Though I believe the governor is going to shut down the state on Monday.

    • Planet Express says:

      @Punisher Blaids yeah there’s a lot of homeless people here. Most are drug addicts and have mental health issues. I’ve lived in Seattle and Portland, they both have city and state programs that attract homeless people from all over the country. That’s why there’s so many over here. I’m planning on making a documentary about it.

    • Eben Cole says:

      Planet Express she shut down schools and restaurants except for delivery. I don’t know anything about Monday- thanks for letting me know.

  14. シBlohsh says:

    People who are sick: I don’t feel good I’m going to sleep

    People with corona virus: WORLD TOUR

  15. Ella Harris says:

    I really hope this ends soon. I just want it to go back to normal. This is just awful

  16. sarah jahoda says:

    Maybe I need to stop watching clips on YouTube 🤷‍♀️ I’m starting to actually get nervous. I don’t know anymore

  17. Mrs. B. says:

    Okay, but let’s see if our government can walk the walk..

  18. Eternal Kratazi says:

    When life switched to hard mode

  19. Ivan the Misunderstood says:

    Headline could just as easily have been, “increased testing reveals what we already knew” or “health care more effectively targeting efforts with increase in testing”

  20. sent girls club md says:

    When personal life turns out to be quarantine already

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