Casey Affleck & Stephen May Fight During This Interview

Casey Affleck & Stephen May Fight During This Interview

Casey Affleck stars in the new film Triple 9… and as Jesus on a street corner somewhere near you.

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Baker says:

    A liberal turd fighting a liberal turd lol

  2. metallicak5 says:

    Why all the hate for Casey? Colbert was acting like a total asshat.

  3. Anirudh Menon says:

    Is this fake or real? I’m confused.

  4. matt hansen says:

    How was Colbert being rude? Clearly Affleck is a stiff guy who can’t take a
    joke. Getting all defensive for what? Colbert just mentioned his laid back
    clothing in a comic way and Affleck is all like “what you say about my
    mama?”. Fucking chill man…

  5. Scrobbles says:

    Before I clicked on the video I was like who is Stephen May? Then of course
    I was like, oh I’m an idiot.

  6. Aaron Wierbinski says:

    Lol, guys, stop freaking out. You all realize that Colbert and his guests
    go over the gist of what they’re going to talk about. If you watched the
    entire show, the interview was really funny and they both got along well.
    Calm down

  7. Kylo Ren says:

    people are so gullible…..

  8. pestulio07 says:

    Admittedly based on the title of the video, it took me waaaaaaay too long
    to realize that “Stephen May” isn’t a person.

  9. Truth Inspector says:

    casey looks like a dirty street bum

  10. BrockL191 says:

    this should NOT have made the news. this was far from awkward or mean.

  11. Kuba Kow says:


  12. tngregory says:

    mmmm awkward, the most delicious and under appreciated feels.

  13. Saint Peter says:

    Stephen is extremely uncool

  14. km74644 says:

    Casey is such a sensitive bitch!!

  15. Mike ThaGamer says:

    4:09 does anyone else notice that when that guy turns around, the camera
    angle switches and he’s turning the other way?

  16. Syzyro says:

    I am very disappointed, at no point did Casey Affleck fight a Stephen May
    during this interview.

  17. OtAKu_42 says:


  18. Rose Macaskie says:

    I spent well nigh forty years, thirty five ,suffering as a slave and it did
    not make me into a tough guy, it made me into an ace loser.

  19. R1 says:

    Casey was confrontational as fuck, not saying Stephen did a great job,
    maybe they had a bad conversation backstage before the show.

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