CASH NASTY & CAM WILDER FINALLY PLAY 1V1! | $50,000 HoH Creator League!

CASH NASTY & CAM WILDER FINALLY PLAY 1V1! | $50,000 HoH Creator League!

Click here for a chance to a win PS5 –

​@CashNasty & @Cam Wilder will play 1v1 this Friday @ 5:30pm EST LIVE from All-Star Weekend!

If you are in CLE watch the game in person by clicking here —

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39 Responses

  1. JL 24 says:

    Bro i was so pissed when Cash kept taking 3’s. But hit em when it matters

  2. Brandon Hairston says:

    At this point we might as well give boxing gloves when Cash and MK play eachother😂😂😂


    If at first u don’t succeed…go back to hacking lol good game had me on the edge of my seat

    • Elijah Bowman says:

      @Drew Medeiros at 1v1… u go to college to play 5v5 not 1v1 a player like cash can beat someone in a 1v1 but in 5’s he would get left wide open while people yell “rebound” after every shot he take very different things

    • Drew Medeiros says:

      @Elijah Bowman and still beat a college hooper

    • Elijah Bowman says:

      @Big Marv that’s what people that can’t dribble do😂

    • Big Marv says:

      Good game? Man this was the one of the most boring game i done ever watched. Cash was just jab stepping and throwing up 3s most of the time

  4. Earl Foster says:

    I can tell Cash tried to play the first game normally, but once he realized he would get blown if he played normal defense he reverted to his usual hacking defense. If HOH had refs like ball is life, then it would be 12-2 , 12-2 Cam.


    Cash playin football 😂💪

    • Cody King says:

      Facts dudes a hypocrite, saying he has to much respect for the game to be hacking and fouling. Once Cam took game 1, cash did, what he said he wouldn’t.

  6. Cobe Dillard says:

    I can already hear flight “OH MY GOD CASH YOUR GOING OUT SADDDDDDDD BRO” 😂😂😂

  7. Miguel._. M says:

    Cash fouled like crazy, but Cam also did blow some of his shots or he would take some unnecessary deep three’s. Entertaining game either way

    • davidking360 says:

      i only came to see how cam lost to cash but i see they were both playing like shit lol. almost a whole hour for a 3 game series to 11 points lol. They all think theyre curry lmao this tournament is a joke the only real thing is the money

    • Dame5k says:

      Cash ain’t even fouled cash just big body it makes everything look fast pace and aggressive with his speed and weight

    • Natural born killer says:

      Ya cash fouled like crazy but cam’s shot selection and ball iq was terrible he was clearly more skilled then cash

    • Rakshith br says:

      Entertaining !!?? Where !!??one of the boring games I’ve watched in a while… Cam threes were entertaining was beyond trash

    • Jay says:

      @Slob Master yes you can😂😂 everybody just knows the way to beat cam is to be physical cause he’s soft

  8. Town Boy ™ says:

    Gotta let cam shoot free throws at that point. Damn. 😂😂😂

  9. ahmad Elbjeirmi says:

    Cash could feed a whole family with the amount of chicken wings he dished out

  10. Jin says:

    they should make brackets like the playoffs, instead of having premade games 💀 i would love to see chris vs mk

    • Eric42 says:

      @yKeem Overstreet there’s no way of knowing who would win because it would just be a hack fest followed by maybe a fight

    • yKeem Overstreet says:

      just to see chris lose lol Mk way better than chris only way he gonna win is if he legit post up all game. his jumper and handle weak and yall keep forgettin he gotta play defense too. he too slow

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