Cash Or Flight…Who Can Cook The Best Steak?!

Cash Or Flight…Who Can Cook The Best Steak?!

Had a little cooking competition with Flight πŸ˜‚

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57 Responses

  1. Ryan Razooky says:

    Flight team baby!!

  2. Darsh TV says:


    Literally nobody:

    Flight: “You know what I’m sayin”

  3. CashNasty says:

    Have a good weekend eat some πŸ₯©

  4. Luke Nelson says:


    Flight: Garlic is a fruit right.

  5. SpaZzio On Mars says:

    β€œIs garlic a fruit?”
    – Sun Tzu

  6. Michael Murphy says:

    Flight needs to cook for himself more cause he can’t eat fast food every day cook something for him and his girl he will be straight

  7. Brandon Cordova says:

    Yo cash if u made this a series called something like cooking with the bros and invite flight and cook something different every video it would pop off

  8. Harley Patton says:

    Flight using a knife

    Flight: β€œ this come wit life insurance.” πŸ˜‚

  9. Sir Catwomboss says:

    Drinking game:

    Every time Cash says, β€œFlights’ steak looks better than mine.” Take a shot πŸ™‚

  10. Klyode says:

    β€œIt don’t hit as mine” πŸ’€πŸ’€

  11. Cai Cruz says:

    This should be titled ” teaching my brother how to cook”

  12. Poppyizz - says:

    You have to make this a series: β€œcooking with flight”

  13. Ben Eats says:

    Not one soul:

    Flight teaching us how to wash our hands

  14. Super Fahim says:

    Cash: Man
    Flight: You know what i’m saying

  15. GreenGoblin05 says:


    Flight: β€œhow do you know it’s room temperature?”

  16. zarktoven says:

    Flight: β€œTrying to taste all the flavor”. Massages steak

    SoIlluminati: Flight is a glitch in the matrix bro

  17. hazeKind says:


    Flight: Leaves utensils in the pan.

  18. 11 says:

    This should be called “Boiling Steaks in butter”

  19. Kenny Chao says:

    Flights steak was pretty fire LOL, no cap

  20. Iballright Celebs says:

    Keeping up with the camera

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