CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!

CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!

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20 Responses

  1. Matthias says:

    Those Poi ball things were surprisingly fun! But beware – they are harder to use than they seem! If you enjoyed this video, go check out “ENJOY or DESTROY! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products”

  2. Sarah Reichl says:



  3. POTAT O says:

    He says he uses the products for the intended reason but he threw out the car when it was ment for collecting

  4. pro soccer videos says:

    What my parents said when summer started

    Read more

  5. Rachel Melville says:

    Is anyone else having a glitch with the polls? It won’t let me vote 😭 sorry 60fps Blobfish

  6. GamingWithDomi says:

    Yay Brian is back!!!

  7. Scarlett_Wings :3 says:

    My mom made me a blanket like the first item, and I really like it, it’s perfect for road trips, but that’s just me

  8. steveislame says:

    How bout instead of likes, why doesn’t he just do a pole

  9. wierdo mania says:

    i dont get notifications for your vids but i turned them on
    if anyone can tell me by replying that would be great

  10. Mila Secret says:

    Yay Bryan is back😀😁😁😇

  11. MuditGupta says:

    Who else yawn with matthias at 4:01.

  12. Ruchi Arora says:

    I got an idea, let’s remove mathias and keep dave and Bryan

  13. 123gmail. com says:

    I have an 🍎
    I have a 🖊️
    Ugh 🍎🖊️

    I have a 🍍
    I have a 🖊️
    ugh 🍍🖊️


    Ugh 🖊️🍍🍎🖊️

  14. GamerThreeVids says:

    It was my birthday when this was uploaded!!

  15. IDCGaming says:

    Blooming green tea is a classic! F@#K YOU, MATTHIAS!

  16. nukester louis says:

    People Like this so Mathias sees

    Instead of like to buy do a pole saying

    O buy
    O deny

    Like or copy and paste so Mathias sees

  17. Pro Cat Views says:

    19:01 Brian Is Dead Inside

  18. Lazy Panther says:

    why did you trash the tea,Chinese people do drink it,it’s meant to be like that

  19. GhostHax says:


  20. Ginger Nuts says:

    Matthias like to buys annoying me because usually if the video does get enough likes you don’t even buy it or showcase it also you earn tons of money anyway because of the views you get so you can still buy it and have a profit.

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