Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Rivalry Basketball Game!

Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Rivalry Basketball Game!

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74 Responses

  1. Anthony Small says:

    “I’m not a
    I’m just
    Needs to be a T shirt if it’s not already.

  2. Camden Pelletier says:

    I’m just watching this and laughing about how Brawadis is outta breath within the first two points

  3. RCT 06 says:

    Cash has the same energy as flight but cash wasn’t educated by weed smokin turtles

  4. Washed Coaler says:

    This dude brawadis just salty he losing to a dude that’s way less skilled then him

  5. Chandler Lipp says:

    There honestly should be someone reffing to call the fouls and shit

  6. C_tribe12 says:

    Brawadis should have played the shot instead of going to body wit him every play

  7. A M says:

    Why didn’t he play like this against rice 🤦‍♂️

  8. Perry Houston says:

    “thats prolly your momma callin to tell you to come home”😳

  9. Manaculant CAP says:

    June: look at flight man

    July: Look at cash man

  10. JuiceCALibuR225 says:

    Cashnasty:”wins a 1v1”
    Everyone else: Now lemme think of a way that cash could’ve lost

  11. Zay Wa says:

    Brawadis next video is gonna be titled “cashnasty bullied me”

  12. Ethan Dysanco says:

    Not even Brawadis:
    Cash: Damn Kenny what you been eating man you keep burping

  13. B_L_A_C_K says:

    Guys do u think Cash is a hooper or a hooper hooper because I can’t seem to figure it out

  14. Ryan H says:

    How the hell are you guys out of breath after 2 possessions, sounds like everyone needs to train more cardio than just putting up shots lol

  15. Nigel Khan says:

    Cash got mad when he said “I thought you were strong” 😂😂

  16. Sammy Fasho Vlogs says:

    I’m from Louisiana and I’m telling you them boys can’t last a minute out here

  17. Gus Torres says:

    Brawadis such a baby mans really said “I’m tryna play all you do is talk” you got it opposite brawadis just talked the whole game

  18. Jason Manrique says:

    This has got to be one of the worst designed basketball courts I’ve ever seen

  19. Noah Kersch says:

    Cash is a defensive juggernaut, a damn powerhouse. Brawadis was clamped, he literally couldn’t do anything against cash, the video proved it. At the end of the day It was a well deserved win for cash… keep balling bro, I would love to see more hooper content 💪🏼🔥🏀

  20. Liam says:

    How Brawadis gonna say “I thought you were strong” when he spent half the game on the floor.

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