Cashmere Cat – Adore (Audio) ft. Ariana Grande

Cashmere Cat – Adore (Audio) ft. Ariana Grande

“Adore” feat. Ariana Grande available for download now.
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Music video by Cashmere Cat performing Adore. (C) 2015 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. Annabelle Moonnight says:

    Ariana sounds amazing in this. Oh yeah, and Cashmere Cat. :)

  2. Luan Ramos says:

    Yaaaaass. wtf u guys. I can understand her perfectly.

  3. SUNNYFOREVA says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaasss Ariana Slay !!!!!!!

  4. jazzlyn x says:

    My my my my

  5. Kenneth Paige says:

    The 90s R&B doesnt stop for them.. :)

  6. Aynur Kela says:

    This song is perfect

  7. Cindy H says:

    Ariana fucking slayedddddd

  8. swarna justin says:

    Research and adore are my current favorites…slayyyy

  9. Elise Martin says:

    Ari elle gère

  10. Ariana Grande says:

    selana horrible vocal and foking voice kkk

  11. Myrto Dimoulas says:

    Yaaayyy i love thisss

  12. VMX Cousins says:

    This is perfect holy shit

  13. Lauren H says:

    Slay baby slay

  14. Jana Taha says:

    loveeeee it <3 ari slays and ilove her voice <3 

  15. Nina Dobrev-Grande says:

    I adore adore <3

  16. Magdiel Reyes says:

    I love this songggg best song ever here she did great now I’m gonna start
    singing this 

  17. Alex Britch says:

    Amazing !! 

  18. Arianator forever and ever says:


  19. Ágata Molina says:

    Awsome like ever ^^)

  20. Alejandro Tafolla says:

    Best Song of March 2015! Cashmere and Ariana kill it